Quarter 4 - 2019
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2019 Proficiency
Testing Sign-Ups
Registration for the 2019 gluten proficiency testing round is available through October 31st at www.gluten.org/proficiency-registration . Samples will be sent to all participants during November, and test results will be due by December 31st. Reports for the PT round will be sent to all participants in January, 2020.
REMINDER: Testing submissions for the third quarter of 2019 were due on October 10th. Please make sure you have submitted your data to testing@gluten.org .
CBD Product Update

The GFCO certification scheme is now permitting certification of topical products, such as lotions and topical oils, that contain cannabidiol (CBD). As with all GFCO certified products, these topical personal care items must meet all federal regulations for their production and sale.

At this time, GFCO will not allow consumable CBD products to carry the GFCO certification mark, due to the fact that edible CBD products are expressly prohibited without FDA approval. Allowing products that are federally illegal to carry the GFCO logo places the mark’s trademark status in jeopardy. Products in this classification include food, beverages, dietary supplements, and pet treats. After careful review, it was determined that the same level of legal risk is not present with topical CBD products.

We will continue to follow the legal status of all CBD products and update our policies as changes are announced.



Advertising Opportunity


Our community loves learning about fun holiday products that are safe for them and their families.

With the holidays just around the corner, the most popular topic floating around social media is GFCO-certified items for holidays and entertaining, and we can bring your products front and center!

Please email press releases and further information to our Communications Manager at michelle.spano@gluten.org to find out how to be featured in our magazine or social media posts.


Booth Sharing Opportunity
Are you ready for Expo West?

GFCO will be offering shared shelf display space within our booth sponsorship options for the 2020 show year. If you are interested, please contact Channon via channon.quinn@gluten.org so we can send the sponsorship packet. Space is limited. More information will be sent out separately.

Public Product List
GFCO is continuing to work on development of a searchable public list of certified products. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for consumers to find the gluten-free products that you manufacture.
While the application is being built, our next step is to confirm that our product list is correct, and that all parties agree to have their products displayed on the list.
Over the next few months, we will be sending each certification client a copy of their current product certificate. The way your products display on the certificate is exactly how they will show up on the searchable list. You will then have the opportunity to request edits of your product information, and to opt out of having products appear on the list if you choose.
We will require positive confirmation that you wish to have your products appear on the public list. No products will be included on the searchable public list until we receive your approval.
Please look out for this email in the coming months, and contact Laura Allred at laura.allred@gluten.org if you have any questions.

Certification Updates
GFCO has discontinued the whitepaper titled “Responding to Positive Gluten Results in Finished Product”, dated August 2017. Information on dealing with positive gluten results can now be found beginning on page 20 of the GFCO Scheme Manual, which can be downloaded at www.gfco.org/process .

Come See Us!
GFCO will be at the Winter Fancy Food Show,
January 19-21 in San Francisco, CA.

We value our relationship and want to hear from you. 

Thank you for being a valued customer of GFCO. The safety of gluten-free community is our top priority, and because you choose GFCO certification, we know it is one of you goals as well! 

Please take a moment and share some insight with us and tell us how we are doing survey . We value your input so much that the first 20 companies to respond will receive a $500 credit toward advertising with The Gluten Intolerance Group, for use in 2020.

Check out all the opportunities to spend that credit here .

Regulatory Manager
Laura Allred

GFCO Certification Body
Paul Vachris
Control Union Certification Body
Daniel Montes

SCS Certification Body
Ned Halaby



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