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April 2017 
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April showers raining in the Employees
Employee Training
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Not everyone needs the ServSafe Manager training  BUT everyone needs to know about Food Safety

ServSafe Manager Training 
And what is wrong with these pictures?
Bare hand contact with ready to eat food?

A recent newspaper article stated a kitchen was ServSafe certified, yet showed a staff member cutting bread (a ready-to-eat food)  with bare hands.  

  1. We all serve a high risk population 
  2. We need to ensure food safety at ALL times 
  3. Your staff do not understand food safety and are in need of training.  

  • Washing cantaloupe (all fruits & vegetables) is recommended & in the best interest of everyone involved
  • Washing fruits & vegetables with bare hands is acceptable - just remember to wash your hands first. 
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do you offer a refreshers course?   No. Read why...

  2. Can I take the online exam at home?  Yes and No - let me explain...

  3. We are a small church and only serve pancakes once in a while, why do we need to be certified?    Here's why... 
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