Our Mission:
My Little University is committed to providing a Safe, Nurturing, Developmentally Appropriate Environment for children.

Our Mission is to facilitate stimulating Early childhood Care and Education Experience which promotes each child's Social-Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive Development to establish a foundation that motivates and inspires the continuance of Lifelong Discovery and Learning.
What You Can Do At Home:
  1. Introduce Exotic Veggies and Fruits in your menu.
  2. Explore with your child the produce section at your local market.
  3. Visit a farm where veggies are grown.
  4. Buy a Veggie plant that both you and your child can nurture together.

Nutrition Study

Nutrition education is an important way to encourage healthy eating and build healthy life long habits. For the next few weeks your child will be learning how eating properly keeps his/her mind and body healthy and strong.
We will read stories about growing fruits and vegetables and talk about how these types of food help us grow strong. Your child will learn about the various shapes and colors of vegetables.We will also learn about where food is grown from and how some people grow their own food.

                                        We will discuss variety of grains that grow in different places around the world and taste test several kinds of bread. Also we will talk about the role that protein plays in helping them stay strong and healthy.