July 2017
Marquis is a hands-on boy who enjoys creating and building things by himself or with others. He enjoys playing with Legos, building model cars and completing other hands-on activities.

He enjoys spending time outside, riding his bike and climbing trees. He wants to play sports, as he likes to be competitive.

Marquis would do best in a home with structure where he is praised and can earn rewards for his good behavior. He would also do well with older siblings who can be positive role models.

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Important discussions about food assistance

Have you ever been in a position where you were unsure if you could feed your children?
Fortunately, I have not. I cannot imagine how scary that would be. I can't imagine the heartache of seeing hungry children look to me for something I could not provide.
For many parents, it is a monthly reality. Even though they work, they don't earn enough to afford the monthly bills and put food on the table every night. They turn to Hamilton County Job and Family Services for help.
They are not alone. More than 42 million Americans benefit from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It helps them feed themselves and their families when money is short.
Our agency was fortunate to be able to host the Supplemental Education and Training Urban 14 Workshop this month. Workers from throughout the Midwest visited Cincinnati to learn more about serving food assistance recipients, from ensuring accuracy and reducing fraud to modernizing and improving the experience around work requirements.

We were happy to show the Queen City to more than 200 out-of-towners and even happier to have in-depth discussions around the crucial topic of food assistance. 

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Celebration of Dreams 2017: another great group of graduates

We had the honor of celebrating the high school graduations of almost 50 of our teens in foster care - our annual Celebration of Dreams was so much fun.
These grads were part of the Kids in School Rule! program.

The Grand Ballroom at The Phoenix was full of grads, families and friends.

Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment anyway, but even moreso when you have to persevere through abuse, neglect and the challenges of being in foster care.

Thank you to everyone who attended to help us honor these deserving students.