An update on your impact!
December, 2017
Thank you for giving  food for thought !

As a monthly contributor to Kiwimbi, you are an integral part of our Food for Thought program, and we are reaching out to thank you for the critical role you play.
Even before Kiwimbi opened the first free public library in the county, we started working with students preparing for national exams. As you likely know from other Kiwimbi communications, each student's score on the exam given at the end of Grade 8 is used to determine whether or not that child may continue in school. 
In poor rural areas like the one where Kiwimbi works, schools are woefully under-resourced and the children walk home for lunch. They then must walk back to school for the second half of the academic day.

This might seem like an idyllic childhood, until one looks closer. A child might walk ½ a mile, or 5 miles. A child might arrive at home to find no meal. A child might need to stay home to begin daily chores such as fetching water or firewood, or watching the siblings, or caring for the sick parent. It is not uncommon for the student to return to school with an empty stomach. It is not uncommon for the child to not make it back to school that day. It is not uncommon for the student to fail that exam at the end of the year.

This is where you have come in, providing food for thought! Our monthly contributors are critical to our overall mission. So we write to thank you, and provide a few graphics that may help you understand the beauty of your commitment!

Thank you for making  Food for Thought possible, with appreciation from all of us at Kiwimbi!
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