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Metro Council approves commercial food scraps collection requirement
On July 26, Metro Council voted unanimously to require certain food businesses to collect food scraps for beneficial uses such as green energy and compost. Nearly 1/5th of the garbage we send to landfills is food waste, which creates harmful greenhouse gas emissions when it decomposes in a landfill.

Read more about the policy here and find out if your business might be part of the requirement here .

Want to get your business on board with food scraps collection right away? Contact a Green Business Advisor today and we'll make it easy to get started.
Got a great waste prevention or recycling idea?
Then you should apply for an Oregon DEQ Materials Management Grant ! This year's grants are now open for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, tribes, public universities, colleges, and public schools. These grants fund projects that promote the prevention, recovery or reuse of solid waste. Need assistance putting an application together? Contact a Green Business Advisor and we can help!
Green Business Advisor wins
Recycler of the Year Award
We are proud to announce that Eva Aguilar, one of our Green Business Advisors, recently received the Recycler of the Year Award from the Association of Oregon Recyclers. Eva was recognized for her outstanding work with Washington County's Latino community. Eva consistently goes above and beyond in her efforts to ensure that the Latino community has equitable access to waste prevention and recycling programs.

Congratulations Eva, and thank you for your hard work and dedication!
Hillsboro School District leads the way
with food scraps collection at school
The Hillsboro School District was recently recognized at a Hillsboro City Council meeting for its outstanding work keeping food scraps out of the garbage. All eligible school cafeterias in the district collect food scraps for composting and green energy creation. Their efforts have resulted in huge environmental benefits, with carbon dioxide emission savings equivalent to taking 50 cars off the road!