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Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries, which typically occur when the foot
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August , 2014 

We are so excited to announce that we have added Dr. Timothy W. Bush to our staff!  He is seeing patients Monday through Friday so we can accommodate your needs much more quickly.  
Remember, your business is always appreciated and your referrals are the highest compliment we can receive.  It is always an honor to help you.


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Dr. Bush was born and raised in Rushville, Indiana. He graduated valedictorian from Vincennes Lincoln High School and graduated cum laude from Franklin College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Biochemistry. He then attended the William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago, Illinois.  Dr. Bush completed his 3-year surgical training/residency in Tampa, Florida at the James A. Haley Veterans Affairs Hospital (as well as the Bay Pines VA Medical Center in St. Petersburg) where he performed a high volume and wide variety of both forefoot and rearfoot surgeries.

Dr. Bush is currently a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and has been involved with volunteer work for the Special Olympics for several years. He enjoys participating in athletics, as he was a 4-sport athlete in high school and was also a member of the Franklin College baseball team for 3 years. He and his wife reside in the middle Tennessee area where they enjoy running half marathons, golfing, traveling abroad, and living an active and healthy lifestyle.


Call our office at 615.662.6676 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bush.


Women Runners Take Fashion Warning

Runners often cite the wide array of health benefits-physical, mental and emotional - as their motivation to keep logging the miles. But like any strenuous physical activity, running can also lead to overuse injuries.  One

woman-jogging.jpgof those injuries affecting women in particular is a foot pain so intense that it prevents them from running at all-the painful neuroma.

A neuroma is a common foot condition, especially among women. Research has found that female runners are often plagued by intense foot pain that is caused by an unassuming culprit: fashion. Women tend to wear fashionable shoes that are narrow with pointed-toes only to then pound those squished, weary feet into the pavement on training runs. This pattern sets women up for a neuroma.

We find in our practice that active women who enjoy running are prone to neuromas, especially if they regularly wear narrow shoes and have flat feet. A neuroma occurs when a nerve located between the toes becomes enlarged and inflamed and produces tingling, burning pain. The most common type is a Morton's neuroma, which develops at the base of the third and fourth toes. Symptoms begin gradual and, left untreated, progressively worsen. Patients often complain that

neuroma pain feels as if something is stuck inside the ball of the foot. Relief for the symptoms may come by massaging the foot, wearing wider low-heeled shoes and avoiding running or other activities that aggravate the condition.

Treatment options depend on how far the condition has progressed. At early stages, padding lessens pressure on

the nerve, icing reduces swelling and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or injection therapy decreases pain and inflammation. Prescription or custom orthotic devices provide support to reduce traction and stress to the nerve. Patients are advised to take a break from running or other aggravating activities until the condition improves. In severe cases, outpatient surgery to remove the affected nerve might be the best option to provide relief.

The key to success is early treatment. If you experience pain in your feet, make an appointment with our office for a proper evaluation.

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