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Always wear shoes when you are near fireworks.  Most people remember to protect their hands but sparks can easily land on your feet causing bad burns.  Have fun but be safe!
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July , 2014 

We'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Fourth of July!
We hope that you enjoy a fun and safe weekend! "May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country!" ~Daniel Webster


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The Nail Spa at FAC

Nail Techs and Blade Use...OK or Bad Idea?


Everyone that gets a pedicure wants smooth feet free of calluses, but at what expense?  Many people assume that nail techs are trained in the use of blades and razors.  However, most are not and their use is illegal in many states.

The credo blade is a sharp blade the removes toughened callused skin. When done incorrectly you can be subject to infection and serious health problems. Because it is a blade, it is banned in some states because of the potential risk of cutting someone and exposing the client to infectious diseases and bloodborne diseases.  At the Nail Spa at FAC our nail technician will never cut on your foot in any way.  Dr. Cohen feels that if a client's calluses are bad enough that a blade needs to be used it is most safely done on the medical side as our podiatrists are trained to know exactly how deep to trim the skin.  By only allowing a medical doctor to use blades or razors on your feet you are ensuring that your safety and health are intact.


Bare Feet and Summer: Not Always the Safest Mix
  Not only should you protect your feet from the sun's harmful rays, but take caution when thinking of going barefoot this summer. Summertime is primetime for puncture wounds and traumatic injury to the feet and ankles. The first and best defense to protecting your feet is to always wear shoes when outdoors.
-- Puncture Wounds
Nails, shards of glass, slivers of wood, bits of shell at the beach, thorns from bushes and trees are all hidden dangers lurking in the grass and can easily puncture the skin of your foot. Even after you've attempted to remove the embedded object, many times dirt and bacteria that were pushed into the wound can remain and cause serious infections. Any puncture wound that has penetrated the skin should be treated in our office within 24 hours. Without proper treatments, this injury can result in not only infections, but painful scarring or development of a cyst.
-- Traumatic Injuries
Accidents happen. Feet can get caught in the spokes of a bike. They may be hit by a rock or other object that flies out from the lawnmower. Sturdy shoes should always be worn when riding bikes or mowing the lawn. Any traumatic injury should be evaluated in our office to determine the extent of injury and proper treatment.

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