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Did you know cigarette smoking is the leading cause of PVD (peripheral vascular disease) in the lower extremity? PVD can lead to pain during walking/exercising, delayed healing, infections, and ulcerations, sometimes leading to gangrene or bone infection, and ultimately amputations of the toes, foot, or even leg. So treat your feet (and yourself) well this new year and make a resolution and plan to quit smoking.
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January, 2015

Happy New Year!
We would like to encourage each of you to make 2015 a healthy year!  Remember to check with your physician first but get out and do what you can...walk, run, ski...anything!  If you haven't been active up to this point be careful to begin gradually so you don't put too much stress on your feet and other joints.
Enjoy yourself!

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Bush


The Staff of Foot & Ankle Centers


"But I Can Still Walk on It ..."

Debunking Broken Toe Myths

Myth 1: "A Doctor Can't Do Anything for Broken Toes"

Although it is not true, many people believe this myth and never get proper treatment for toe injuries. In fact, if a fractured toe or metatarsal bone is not treated correctly, serious complications may develop. 

For example:
* The bones may become deformed, thereby limiting the ability to move the foot or causing difficulty in fitting shoes.
* If a fracture occurs in a joint (the juncture where the two bones meet), arthritis may develop. 
Arthritis may also result from angular deformities that develop when a displaced fracture is
severe or has not been corrected properly.

* A fracture that does not heal correctly can lead to the need for surgery. 

Myth 2: "If You Can Walk on It, It's Not Broken."
Many people believe this is true and continue to walk on their injured foot despite having a fracture. This can cause further damage to the foot or toe.  Symptoms of a foot fracture include:

* Pain at the time the fracture occurs and perhaps for a few hours later, but the pain often subsides after several hours;
* Misshapen appearance of the toe;
* Bruising and swelling the next day.

In addition to fractures caused by foot trauma, some people (especially those who participate in sports or who suffer from osteoporosis) may get a stress fracture in their foot without any noticeable cause. Although one can walk on a foot with a stress fracture, these tiny hairline breaks should not be ignored as they can return unless properly treated. 
You may have a stress fracture if you notice:
* Pain with or after normal activity;
* Pain that disappears when resting and then returns when standing or during activity;
* Pain at the fracture site when touched;

* Swelling but no bruising. 






In the event we should have inclement weather our office does everything we can to be sure everyone can get to the office safely. If we know that snow is coming we will try to call the afternoon prior to confirm your appointment and/or reschedule.  If the snowy-sidewalk.jpg weather is bad we will generally postpone the first few patients of the day to be sure all the staff can get to work safely.  We will also try to post it on our website and on Facebook.  Feel free to leave us a message if we're not in and we will return the call as soon as possible.

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