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You should never let anyone use a razor or blade on your feet except a licensed doctor?  More information to follow on that next month..
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June , 2014 

We'd like to wish all of the fathers out there a big "Happy Father's Day" We hope you have a great Father's Day with your families and enjoy this fabulous weather.  If you're not a father you have one or know someone who is so it's always a great chance to celebrate.


The Staff of Foot & Ankle Centers

The Nail Spa at FAC

Client of the month: The Male Client

Men often feel intimidated or embarrassed to visit a nail salon. The stereotype is that it is a female-only environment. However, at the Nail Spa at FAC we have a private room so there are no fears of having a "buddy" see him or having to sit next to a female client. We currently have several male clients and are always happy to add more.  Many men enjoy a manicure to clean up their hands with just a light buff to shine the nails.  Others also enjoy a pedicure to get their feet back in shape for cosmetic and/or comfort reasons.
If you have any questions about any of our nail services for men don't hesitate to call and speak to our nail technician, Treao Jackson, at 615.425.0668.


Lawnmowers and Feet Don't Mix

Keep your feet and those around you safe this summer by using caution when mowing your grass. Did you know the blades on lawnmowers can spin at 3,000 revolutions per minute and produce three times the kinetic energy of a .357 handgun? Yet, each year our office continues to  podiatrists see patients who have been hurt while operating a lawnmower barefoot. 
Enjoy the beautiful summer season but be sure to protect your feet and ankles from yard-work injuries and mishaps. Take caution when mowing and remember:
  • Don't mow wet grass. Losing control from slipping on rain-soaked grass is the leading cause of foot injuries caused by power mowers. 
  • Wear heavy shoes or work boots when mowing-no sneakers or sandals.
  • Don't allow small children to ride on your lap while on a lawn tractor. Children can be severely injured by the blades when getting on or off the machine. Keep children away while mowing. 
  • Mow across slopes, never go up or down. 
  • Never pull a running mower backwards. 
  • Use a mower with a release mechanism on the handle that automatically shuts it off when your hands let go. 
If you or someone around you is injured by a mower, be sure to seek treatment immediately. Superficial wounds can be treated on an outpatient basis at our office or at your closest emergency room. More severe wounds may need surgical intervention to repair damage. Caring for your lawn can be an enjoyable summer experience, just make sure you use caution to protect yourself from injury.

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Father's Day Special
Make this Father's Day "Man-tastic" with a 
Men's Manicure/Pedicure service 
for only 
$59  (regularly $69)
Please present coupon at the time of service. Not valid on prior purchases. Expires 6.30.14