Pittsburgh Steelers training camp starts today! The start of football has us wishing for cooler days, Sundays with family and friends, and in Pittsburgh's case...less drama! This year's training camp has us watching the headlines to prepare you for the upcoming 2019 season. In this newsletter we are examining the locker room culture after the departure of big personalities and distractions, the adversity faced the previous season and how they are setting goals for the future, and how leadership styles have to change to successfully complete those goals. Ready? HERE WE GO.

Training camp is the best.
Not in the Mike Tomlin-y, ball coach way of: There is nothing but football and the literal forging of a team to be had at St. Vincent College. But in the 'reporterly', what you see is what you can write way.

That’s not how any of regular season practice works. Once preseason moves back to South Side, regular season rules apply. Yet in Latrobe, practices are open to the public. There is far less conjecture and much more to be plainly observed by whoever knows enough to watch what the closest.

In short, we love to see it.
And so as the rite of our aborted summer begins on Thursday, we tip our notebook hand to you, revealing just what it is we have in mind for all what’s to be told in Steelers training camp 2019...

“I think we became closer maybe because of everything,” Conner said. “Throughout OTAs and minicamp, it was fun to see the guys. You know, come into the facility, excited to be there, the interactions and the relationships. They’ve all been great so far. Great vibes within our organization. We’re excited about the future, man.”

“It’s a lot different just because of the fact that the players don’t have to answer those questions anymore,” former Pittsburgh quarterback and current Steelers Radio Network analyst Charlie Batch said on Taz & The Moose. “You see the calmness coming out of the offseason program. Guys are a lot more wired in. The focus around here is why did they miss the playoffs? How come this team, as talented as they are, missed the playoffs? They want to right that ship, and they want to get back on the right course.”


"Mike Tomlin has taken stock of his ability to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers into his 13th season, and he has concluded he must do better after the franchise's first missed playoff berth since 2013." Take a look a some of his quotes and see what he plans on changing and how he describes his leadership style.

"The talking is almost done. You know the talking I am speaking of. The talking heads spouting off about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ looming demise due to the loss of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. The lack of leadership of Ben Roethlisberger, and how Mike Tomlin has lost control of his locker room, and, by proxy, his team.

With the Steelers set to report to training camp this Thursday, the talking will continue, but it will be focused on 2019. Not this past offseason, not the last time Le’Veon Bell turned down a contract or any other sideways story which has been blown out of proportion this offseason.For once, the talk will be about the future, and not the past...“We’re still the Steelers.” Haden said when asked about the upcoming season and how although everyone seems to be downing the Steelers the team is still capable of making noise in the AFC.

Well, here it is, the first day of training camp! The beginning of a new era for our beloved Steelers, if ….
There’s a great opportunity to recreate a great team from the drama filled world we lived through last year. In all cases, this is about the ability to manage talent in a way that will maximize performance. Some of this is science based. Employee A has the ability, skill, and experience to execute on the plan at hand. Some of it is Art - Here’s the question: Do they have the motivation? In all cases you can have all of the requisite skills and abilities but without the motivation, especially the motivation to perform under difficult conditions, you’re certain to underperform. Great leaders master the ability to do both, use the science and drive the motivation.

Will the Steelers make the playoffs this season?