July 14, 2020
Hello, writers,

There is so much uncertainty in all of our lives right now, we know. Making plans for next week, next month, the fall - anytime before 2021, really - feels near impossible given all of the blanks we still aren't able to fill in.

Since March, our staff has worked pretty much non-stop to bring virtual programs to writers near and far. Consisting of online classes, panel discussions, a monthly trivia night, Ask Us Anything Q&As, and our recent weekend-long UnConference, what started as a slate of temporary "holding pattern" programming -- until things got back to "normal" -- has developed into a rich and varied schedule of events that so many of you have come to rely on, week after week. We are so proud of what we have built in the virtual space in just a few short (or, depending on what day it is, very, very long) months. We are so honored that you have allowed us to pass this time with you.

So here we are. Mid-July. The middle of the year. That holding pattern is no longer temporary -- this new normal is something we expect we will be navigating for some time. Which brings me back to that uncertainty we all feel -- while there's not much the WLT can do to help with the big, big things we know many of you are facing, we want to do what we can to give you as much writerly love and nourishment and community as possible in the months ahead. Whatever else you can't be certain of, you can be certain of us.

Everything we do -- from now until the end of the year -- will be virtual. We have painstakingly built a schedule that offers something for everyone. There are online classes here, live events every week, a month-long Summer Writing Retreat that we'll be officially announcing tomorrow, and so much more. Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, just starting out or further along in your career, we are ready to spend the next six months bringing you original content, week after week, that you can continue to rely on.

Take a look at the schedule below. As we finalize events, we'll update the calendar on our website and we'll share RSVP links in our mailers. There's lots to look forward to here. We hope to see you often between now and the end of the year.


Becka Oliver
Executive Director

ALSO, I'd be remiss if I didn't add: If you like what you see here and you have the means, please consider joining the WLT (if you're not a member), renewing today (if your membership has lapsed), or - whether a member or not - making a one-time donation to the WLT . We have some stuff we're feeling uncertain about these days, too - one of those things being the financial impact of COVID 19 - and we'd like to be around for many years to come. We thank you for helping us make sure that's possible.

Save the dates: July through December 2020

See something on this list you don't want to miss? Mark your calendar and we'll send RSVP details as it gets closer. You can also keep an eye on our website calendar and our regular mailers. Easy! And, of course, we're still in the planning stages for the months later in the year. Topics are subject to change, as needed.

July 16: Third Thursday: The Dreaded Middle LIVE WEBINAR
July 18: Class: Endings 
July 22: Class: Writing Prompts
July 23: WLT’s Chat Box Trivia LIVE WEBINAR
July 25: Class: Developing a Book Length Project
July 28: Intensive: Writing a Synopsis
July 29: Intensive: Writing a Synopsis
July 30: Ask Us Anything: Genre LIVE WEBINAR

August 1: One Page Salon Reading Series + Fundraiser LIVE WEBINAR
August 3: Summer Writing Retreat: Memoir Class
August 4: Summer Writing Retreat: Fiction Class
August 5: Summer Writing Retreat: Generative Workshop
August 6: Ask Us Anything: Critique Partners LIVE WEBINAR
August 10: Summer Writing Retreat: Memoir
August 11: Summer Writing Retreat: Fiction Class
August 12: Summer Writing Retreat: Generative Workshop
August 13: WLT Off the Beaten Craft: Poetry: The Ghazal LIVE WEBINAR
August 17: Summer Writing Retreat: Memoir Class
August 18: Summer Writing Retreat: Fiction Class
August 19: Summer Writing Retreat: Generative Workshop
August 20: Third Thursday: Writing About Texas LIVE WEBINAR
August 24: Summer Writing Retreat: Memoir Class
August 25: Summer Writing Retreat: Fiction Class
August 26: Summer Writing Retreat: Generative Workshop
August 27: SWR Closing Event: Student Readings LIVE WEBINAR
August 29: WLT’s Chat Box Trivia: Summer Lovin’ Edition (Romance and Beach Reads) LIVE WEBINAR

Sept 3: What We’re Reading Now LIVE WEBINAR 
Sept 5: Class 1 for Writer's Toolbox Series: Pre-writing 
Sept 5: One Page Salon Reading Series + Fundraiser LIVE WEBINAR
Sept 9: Class: Finding an Agent
Sept 10: Ask Us Anything: MFA and Low Res Programs LIVE WEBINAR
Sept 12: Class 2 for Writer's Toolbox Series: Research 
Sept 17: Third Thursday: How Do You Know When You’re Done LIVE WEBINAR
Sept 19: Class 3 for Writer's Toolbox Series: Strategies for Keeping On
Sept 22: Intensive: Query Letters
Sept 23: Intensive: Query Letters
Sept 24: WLT’s Chat Box Trivia LIVE WEBINAR
Sept 26: Class 4 for Writer's Toolbox Series: Critiquing 
Sept 30: Class: Crafting a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Oct 1: WLT Off the Beaten Craft: Fan-fiction LIVE WEBINAR
Oct 3: Class 1 for Anatomy of a Scene Series: Writing Intimacy 
Oct 3: One Page Salon Reading Series + Fundraiser LIVE WEBINAR
Oct 7: Class: Setting
Oct 8: Ask Us Anything: Kid Lit LIVE WEBINAR
Oct 10: Class 2 for Anatomy of a Scene Series: Exposition/Backstory/Flashbacks 
Oct 14: Class: Characters in Memoir and Personal Essay 
Oct 15: Third Thursday: Tackling Revision LIVE WEBINAR
Oct 17: Class 3 for Anatomy of a Scene Series: Violence/Gore
Oct 21: Class: Writing Middle Grade
Oct 22: WLTs Chat Box Trivia: Thrills & Chills Edition (Mystery, Horror, Thriller) LIVE WEBINAR
Oct 24: Class 4 for Anatomy of a Scene Series: Dialogue
Oct 28: Class: Writing Young Adult
Oct 29: Ask Us Anything: Submission Materials LIVE WEBINAR
Oct 31: Class: Starting Your Novel

Nov 4: Class: Borrowing from Every Genre 
Nov 5: What We’re Reading Now LIVE WEBINAR
Nov 7: Class: Writing Hard Stories
Nov 7: One Page Salon Reading Series + Fundraiser LIVE WEBINAR
Nov 11: Class: Writing + Submitting Book Reviews
Nov 12: Ask Us Anything: Writerly Habits LIVE WEBINAR
Nov 14: Class: Point of View
Nov 19: Third Thursday: Dear 2020: Writing About Recent History & Current Events LIVE WEBINAR
Nov 21: Class: Screenwriting
Nov 24: WLT’s Chat Box Trivia: Literary Turkeys Edition LIVE WEBINAR

Dec 2: Class: Revision
Dec 3: Ask Us Anything: Beginnings / Where Do I Start LIVE WEBINAR
Dec 5: Class: Introduction to Picture Books
Dec 5: One Page Salon Reading Series + Fundraiser LIVE WEBINAR
Dec 9: Class: Submitting to Journals
Dec 10: What YOU’RE Reading Now LIVE WEBINAR
Dec 12: Class: Comedic Writing
Dec 16: Class: Keeping Secrets from Your Readers
Dec 17: WLT’s Chat Box Trivia: Holiday Edition LIVE WEBINAR
THIS WEEK - RSVP to receive the link!
Thursday, July 16, 2020  
8:00 - 9:30 p.m. CDT
Streamed to your computer
Recorded for you to watch later 

For July's Third Thursday, we thought we'd take a moment - in the middle of the month, in the middle of the year - to talk about the dreaded middle. As writers, we spend lots of creative energy thinking about the beginning of a project. We agonize over and draft and redraft our endings. But it's the middle, more often than not, where we find ourselves stuck. Join us this month for a conversation with  Charlotte Gullick, Donna Johnson, and ire'ne lara silva  as we ponder how best to tackle the highs and lows of a writing project's hump. The conversation will be moderated by WLT ED Becka Oliver.

This event is free and open to anyone, but you will need to RSVP. Follow the below to our event page (where you can also read full bios for our three panelists), sign up, and we'll send you a link to the webinar. Easy!

Hope to "see" you there!
DEADLINE TO RSVP: Thursday, July 16, 6:00 p.m. CDT
Have you enjoyed the programs & services the WLT has been hosting since going virtual in March? Or maybe you've been showing up for events and taking advantage of our offerings for years now.

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