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A Message from the Pastor - GRAVY ROSE!
Chaplain Mark Honstein tells this story:
         My family grew up in the Wyoming prairie, and on the long drive from church we would sing hymns to pass the time. Coming home from church one Easter Sunday, my parents asked us what hymns we wanted to sing.
         My little sister yelled, “Gravy Rose!”
         We all looked at her and my Mom said that she didn’t know that hymn.
         “Yes you do!” my little sister insisted. “You all know it. We sang it this morning.”
         My sister began singing, “Up from the gravy rose, with a mighty triumph for his
toes…” (The Joyful Noiseletter)
         At Easter we indeed celebrate that:
Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o’er His foes;
He arose a victor from the dark domain,
         And He lives forever with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!
And thank God He did! Because Jesus lives, we too can live. Easter is all about giving us the opportunity for a new beginning. I am sure many of us would like a new beginning after what we have been through this past year.
Perhaps you are feeling hopeless or helpless. You may think you are unworthy or not good enough. Maybe you think you have done too many bad things. Let me assure you that no matter what has happened in your life, God wants a relationship with you! Easter tells us that if we accept Jesus as our Savior (since we cannot save ourselves), our sins are forgiven, and we have the promise of eternal life in God’s presence. That is Good News. Up from the grave He arose!
Thank you to our amazing staff and wonderful volunteers who helped make our Lenten season and Easter celebrations extra special this year!
May God bless you as we continue to celebrate the resurrection! Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed!
         In Christian love,
         Pastor Bob
A Note from Church Council
Spring is in the air. It’s getting warmer and there are many more people I see walking about and of course driving as traffic increases again. It’s so nice that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and brighter. As we come out of the tunnel together, I can’t help but correlate it to the ascension of Jesus during this Easter season. I feel as though it is a new beginning, a chance to review and renew our lives. What will your review reveal? - Greg Diehl
A Minute on Finance
At JUMC we are blessed with a wonderful staff and facilities, especially with the Covid 19 situation they have had to deal with this past year. Balancing outdoor services, then adding an indoor service, coupled with online services, and then remote services online due to snow and ice, our staff and volunteers are the best and deserve our appreciation. Thankyou staff and volunteers!

The one thing that has been consistent is your giving. We are blessed with committed members dedicated to keeping our finances in good shape to allow our ministries to continue. Our income through February is up vs last year as are our expenses but we still ended February with a surplus. Snow removal is the one category which is up over last year and the rest of the expenses are in line with our budget. Many of you have taken advantage of electronic giving. For those who have not and are interested the information is available online at or from the office. We continue to rely on your faithful financial support to insure we can maintain our programs and missions. Thank you all again for your giving so that we use our gifts to relieve suffering, make disciples, and glorify God. - The Finance Team
A Note from Trustees
I first want to thank all the folks who came out this past Saturday to help clean up the grounds on the sides of the parking lot from the harsh winter months and the snow plow remnants. Your sweat equity does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.
If you were not able to help, don’t worry, we will be scheduling another workday to continue what we were not able to complete. There is always something that has to be taken care of with a property of this size.

Continuing on the care and upkeep of the buildings and property, here are a few of the big items the Trustees have been working on since the last update.

A survey of the entire Church property has been completed. We now have a clear understanding of where the church property and the neighboring properties adjoin. Feel free to take a walk around the property to see the unique layout and various parcels that make up the Church property.

The Trustees are moving forward with continuing to modernize the classrooms in the Sunday School wing. We began this renovation a few years ago with a new ceiling and lighting in the nursery. This year will continue the project with updating the remaining classrooms. When the Sunday school programs resume full tilt, the kids will be greeted with a more modern look and feel classroom.

As always, we encourage input from all and welcome your feedback as we continue to make Jarrettown a welcoming place to gather and worship. In his service, Steve Hamilton, Trustee Chair
Help us stay in touch with you!
You may have gotten a call from one of the church staff or a "Shepherd" just to check in with you. We are here for you if you need anything.  There are many ways you can keep in touch.
  • Call the office (if no one answers please leave a message)
  • Email the office or a staff member
  • Let us know you were at worship (use the online connect card link)
Can we pray for you or someone you know in need of prayer?
               Use the online connect card to submit a prayer request
               Email the church office
               Email Marie Poos to activate the email prayer chain
               Message us on facebook (either on our page or during a live service)

STAY CONNECTED! JUMC’s Online Directory!
Contact the church office and we will be happy to give you a username and password so you have access to all the online directory has to offer! See pictures, edit your profile, giving statements, get contact info for people in your groups, and much more.....

Once logged onto (which is easy to access through the Membership Directory link at the bottom of our websites home page) you can explore - including JUMC’s Online Directory with the people tab. After Logging in - you can check out your Personal Giving Statement by choosing Involvement and then going to the Financial box (and click the ...) need help? Call the church office.

July 12 to 16… Save the Date
We are in the planning phase. More information to come.
Please contact Lisa ( for more information or to volunteer.

Children’s Church is held every Sunday for children ages preschool and up during the 9 am in-person service and the 11 am parking lot worship. Social distancing is maintained. Masks are required.
What a fun way to celebrate Easter this year. We had over 20 families and 42 children participate in fun, socially-distanced activities hopping from bunny station to bunny station. A heartfelt thank you to all of our volunteers who decorated their cars and planned fun Easter-themed activities for the children.
We continue to support the child we sponsor, Rebecca, during these challenging times. Rebecca is from Uganda where Covid-19 cases continue. Compassion International has let us know that letters and donations are still getting to sponsored children. If your child would like to send Rebecca a note or you would like to contribute to the monthly donation, please send or bring to the church office to the attention of Lisa Durst-Hestnar.

Attention Parents; we created a private group on Facebook just for you, which contains spiritual information, activities pages and more. It is also a great place for parents to share information with each other. The JUMC Family Ministry group can be found under groups on the Jarrettown United Methodist Church page. Click join group to gain access or contact Lisa Durst-Hestnar and she will send you an invite to join.

We are always thinking of and planning for fun family events. The more volunteers the merrier! Whether you are full of creative ideas, love to help with music, sound/av etc., enjoy working a snack table or like to do whatever is needed, you would be a great help to the team for our summer events. If you are interested in joining the Family Ministry Planning Committee, please contact Lisa Durst-Hestnar at 
The MOPS group is a place for mothers to gather and feel comforted by friends old and new. It’s a place to realize you are not alone, to share your happy or challenging moments and to receive the encouragement and motivation a mother may need.

This year’s our MOPS moms have been hosting playgroups on Zoom. Now that the weather is getting warmer, they are looking forward to more in person gatherings on the playground. 

For more information about the program, please contact Lisa Durst-Hestnar or email our MOPS group leader, Katelyn Sharpe, at
This is the only fundraiser the Women of Jarrettown will be having in 2021 to support local missions. Please drop your items off Saturday May 15, 9-12 and Sunday May 16, 9-12:30.

Among the items collected will be all wearable clothing and accessories; shoes in a separate bag; bedding & pillows, towels, curtains. Toy items include stuffed animals and bicycles only.
For a complete list, go to
April Mission of the Month
 The vision and goals of Living Hope are becoming a reality as sponsored children have their lives changed and are given hope to replace hopelessness. God is at work at Living Hope, and we can continue to help.
How You Can Help
1. Pray for the children at Living Hope.
2. Contribute during April to our fund-raising for the ministry of Living Hope (click here for form)
3. Sign up to sponsor a student.
To learn more about Living Hope, go to their website or contact Connie Damon at, other questions can be directed to the church office. From Marilyn Uhl, Director of Living Hope, the students and Connie Damon - ASANTE SANA! (Thank you very much!)
We have seen an increase in the need for food for low income families. In 2020, the weekly average of clients coming to the cupboard for food was 24 compared to the weekly average of 17 in 2019. Fortunately, we have been able to meet this increased demand. For Easter, we gave out hams and some special items. We have also been able to help clients with rental assistance and PECO bills with funds from the Mattie Dixon Commnity Cupboard.

Due to Covid, we have mad a conscious effort to keep the number of volunteers down at the cupboard, wear masks and socially distance. Thank you to all who support this mission iwth food and monetary donations. We ask that you keep this very much needed mission in your prayers. - The North Hills Community Cupboard Volunteers.
Jarrettown continues to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and snack bags each week.To help with this on-going project, we invite you to make pb&j sandwiches OR snack bags at home, drop off at church weekly Monday to Tuesday by 1 pm. Click here for detailed information on how to prepare sandwiches and snack bags. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jean Graber.
Since the Covid outbreak, it’s been difficult to have groups in the Jarrettown kitchen preparing and packing meals, but here at Jarrettown, we’ve gotten together in smaller teams, and you can still prepare your meals at home and deliver them to the church to be stored and delivered. We will make sure they get to where they’re needed. We have been able to deliver 120+ meals a month with your help!

Donations of money will likewise be gladly accepted and used. Thank you for keeping us going.. If this ministry is of interest to you and you’d like more information, please feel free to contact the church office.
The St Philips ‘Wednesday meal has been on hold because of the Corvid-19 epidemic. However, we continue to provide food in different formats to the people of Kensington. We are distributing lunch in a bag, pp&j sandwiches supplied by JUMC and bags of groceries from St. Philips' food cupboard (also supplied with donations from JUMC).

Once a week, police officers from the 25th/police district pickup bags of assorted groceries at St. Philips for distribution to the people in Kensington. Our feedbacks from the police officers indicate a strong appreciation for the bags of groceries. Many officers receive a warm “God Bless You” for a bag of food.
The Jesus Victory Garden (JVG) needs your help in order to continue to provide wholesome produce to local food pantries during this unprecedented time. Since 2011, we have supplied over fourteen thousand pounds of vegetables, fruit, and herbs to agencies serving our neighbors in need. In order to meet our goal of adding one to two thousand pounds to our total this coming season, we urgently need volunteers to adopt one or more garden beds. Adopting involves readying the bed for its crop(s), planting, weeding, harvesting, and preparing the bed for winter at the end of the season. While we usually are a social group, for the present gardeners will be scheduled so that only family units are in the garden at the same time and so that there is a period of time between gardeners.

It is not too late to volunteer to help your neighbors. If you are interested in seeing the fruits, and vegetables, of you labor, please email Kati at Also, we are happy to pass on the extra produce from your home garden to the North Hills Community Cupboard and Manna on Main Street. Please email me if you want to contribute from your home garden. 
Click here to view a thank you video to JUMC from Inter-Faith Housing Alliance
Trying to support a friend or family member while they are going through a major life transition can be a very helpless feeling. When someone from our church family is hospitalized, dealing with a loss or suffering a long term illness, it gives us as a church a chance to show people they matter to us. We don't always know what to do, what to say, or how to act. Are we being supportive enough? Are we too much 'in their business'? I haven't heard from her in a while...does that mean she wants me to leave her alone?

This church “care team” is a list of people who would like to help by taking a meal or two as needed. We will be using the website “Take Them a Meal” ( to organize who is taking a meal and what the need is. If you are interested in helping, give Jean Graber ( your email address. As a need arises, an email will go out to the group with a link to “Take Them A Meal”. When you click the link “the name”, address and any special needs as well as suggested dates to sign up will open. You can sign up for a date that works for you. The person receiving the meal can also see when a meal is coming.  
Please help us save lives! The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

Go to and use Code DRESHER - Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross blood program!
 As we look back on the past year with the COVID reality and the past 3 years as a grass-roots community business, we are in awe and filled with gratitude! We weathered the shut-down with both moral and monetary support from amazing MOMentum families. We were able to safely offer camp and virtual school for more than 50 kids. Our core staff have been our rock through it all. We added many new staff who helped us to pull off the impossible with virtual school. We are looking to the future with hope and resilience! We relaunched “Kids in Action” in our after-school program at Jarrettown UMC. We are expanding our camp offerings and exploring new programs and partnerships! Spread the word about our community of support for working families!!!