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These last few weeks have certainly been stressful.  We hope you are all safe, healthy and secure right now.  As a faculty, we pray that God watches over each of you and enfolds you in His protective arms.  We hope you are finding comfort in those around you.  Know that we all miss seeing the students and families each day.  This has been difficult.  We can't wait to be back together again.  Special thank you to all essential and critical workers right now.  Please stay safe!

If you or your children are struggling, please check out our website for links to resources which may help. If you need further support, please email the office or contact your child's teacher.
Online Lessons

Our teachers have been working hard to record and prepare lessons for the students.  The lessons will be brought to you in various formats.  Zoom will be used for live lessons.  The Zoom app is free and easy to use.  Some lessons will be recorded using Screencast and you will be able to view the lesson when you are ready.

All of the information for how to access the lessons, materials needed and timing of lessons will be posted on our website the day prior so that you can plan to attend and participate.  We ask that you give feedback to lead teachers about any lesson that is not live.  Feedback on how your child handled the activity/lesson will assist teachers in guiding you to additional lessons to suit your child's level and aid in development.

We ask that during all lessons there is an adult present (especially those lessons which are live).  You can find all lessons by going to our website, hovering over "extended break resources" and choosing "lessons" from the drop down or by following the link below.  

Update on Tuition & Return Date

I am sure many of you are tuning in for the daily update from our Governor.  I am too.  As you may be aware, there has been no update to our return date although it is quite possible that our break will be extended (or school may be cancelled for the year).  We will follow the orders of the Governor followed by the Diocese of Toledo & the Ohio Department of Education.  If there are changes to our return date, we will notify you immediately.  W e will be holding off on adding April's tuition charges to any account at this point until we hear from the Governor.  We will not process any auto April payments UNLESS they reflect tuition/Ext day due for March or earlier.  Please note that we do have several teachers who are contracted and receive a salary even though we are not physically in school.  Please bring accounts current to the end of March by emailing your interest for an autopayment to or by going to your procare account and making a payment.  You can also mail a check to St. Catherine of Siena 1155 Corbin Rd. Toledo Ohio 43612.  Should there be a change in attendance for the year, we will review accounts and notify you of any changes/credits/refunds & balances.
St. Catherine of Siena Parish has started live streaming  Mass.  Please follow the link below to attend.

We now have a YouTube channel to share videos from the teachers to students!

Please check it out every couple of days for additions to the content.

There now are additional resources on our web page.   Check back frequently for new content!

Conferences are on hold for now. Stay tuned for changes.

Each weekday morning there will be a different teacher reading a story posted on Facebook.  These will be posted on our YouTube channel as well in case you are not on FB.

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

 St. Catherine of Siena 
Early Childhood Education Center 
 1155 Corbin Rd
Toledo, Ohio 43612