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Volume 7 Issue 5


Now that we have a couple of weeks under our belts let me introduce you to our curriculum. All classes begin the year in a similar manner. The curriculum which is followed at the beginning of the year is by Creative Curriculum and is called "The First Six Weeks Study". This study focuses on building a classroom community, learning routines, rules and expectations, introducing centers and forming relationships with families. The study focuses on those aspects in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Education's Early Learning and Development Standards for Preschool. Social and Emotional learning is a huge focus all year but especially at the beginning of the year. The basis of future learning builds on a child's ability to manage big feelings, cooperate with peers, handle change, communicate needs, separate from family and follow direction when given. These are big expectations for little ones but it is so important to gain these skills so that when other concepts are introduced they are ready emotionally and socially. Please know that development happens at different rates and all learning will be tailored to fit the needs of the individual student. For more information on our Standards, click the link below.

ODE Early Learning Standards


Centers are used in preschool and are often confused with "just playing". Centers in classrooms are designed to meet the needs of a preschool child. They are thoughtfully created to elicit development through use. For example, a student may gain the ability to cooperate with a friend while taking orders in the kitchen center/coffee shop. The shop may have an order pad which allows a child to use a paper/pencil to take down meaningful information (an order) and fill the order in the kitchen (following 2 step directions). A science center may have materials out to count, study, observe, compare/contrast, measure etc. All centers are evaluated through something called the ECERS-3 which is a rating scale designed to ensure that learning environments meet the needs of students and are not just toys on a shelf for playtime. Center time is one of the most important times of the day and it allows a teacher critical time to observe and evaluate student development needs and to adjust centers to meet those needs. Below is a linked article on centers. Scroll down a bit to the discussion on what is gained in center time. It is a pretty decent read.

Importance of Center Time


Large lot pickup-

Please review the map to the left. We still have a few families entering at the exit drive. Please enter by the green star, proceed into the lot but stop at the next drive to ensure that you are not blocking the exiting traffic. Once clear proceed around the perimeter of the lot, keeping as close to the edge as you can. When exiting, proceed through straight ahead, exiting out of the North Haven side. Safety is essential for all families so please travel slowly anytime that you are in the lot.

Covid-19 Guidelines & Regulations

As with any school setting, children are bound to get sick. Along with cleaning, the best prevention is handwashing and teaching children how to cover cough and sneezes. Another prevention tactic is to keep children home when there are any symptoms of illness present.

As a school, we are mandated to follow the chart below which requires us to follow up on any illness to help determine if a child is allowed to attend school or not. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone as healthy as we can! We will be calling to review symptoms and details when your child is absent if we have not received enough information via message or email. We will be continuing to require all adults to wear masks in the building. We will continue frequent cleaning including touch point cleaning throughout the day. Each evening all rooms are misted with a food grade sanitizer which is safe to use in classrooms. As the year progresses, we are expecting updates and changes to the mandates, regulations and requirements which we must adhere to from the Ohio Department of Education, the Lucas County Health Department and the CDC. If you wish to send your child in a mask, please let the teacher know your expectations.

health department pic.jpg
Picture Day-428.png

Save the date! October 26th & Oct 27th


Please be sure to send in all forms, physicals, birth certificates, immunization records and any other file information by 9/23/21


Attention Half Day students!

If your child dismisses at 11 AM they are invited to stay for an extra hour on 9/21 for lunch and activities. Please let your child's teacher know if they are able to dismiss at noon that day instead of 11 AM. If so, please send a packed lunch or let your child's teacher know that they need a hot lunch.


9/21- 2 hour Delayed start. NO AM extended

day. Doors open at 9:55 AM.

If your child is 4 as of 10/1/21 and you live in Ohio you may qualify for an Early Childhood Education Grant based on family size and income. Contact the office for details.

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