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Volume 8 Issue 5

ALICE Training

A huge shout out goes to the Toledo Police Department and also to our faculty.  Last week our teachers were asked to participate in various threatening scenarios that could happen at any school or place of business.  It was an intense but necessary training for all of us.  I am proud of all that they learned and how dedicated they are to their students.  

Parking lot blues-  PLEASE enter, travel through and exit our main lot with care.  There are many adults and children moving through the lot and it is important that we all remain safe.  A couple extra seconds of caution benefit all!

Picture day will be on 10/25 or 10/26 for your child. Picture day assignments ARE posted on main doors & outside of the classrooms  Once you receive a picture form, complete it and return it to school with your choice of background. You will receive a proof back. When you get the proof it will have package prices and methods of ordering. Picture day is a fundraising opportunity for the school.

Conferences will be held on Nov 21st & Nov 22nd.  Teachers will provide sign ups soon.  There will be no school during this week.

Wishing well offers a way for children to support each other and calm themselves. The Wish Well Board provides a visual way to aid children in wishing each other well during your daily Wish Well Ritual.

Wishing well is a way to instantly calm ourselves, and offer love and caring to others. It is a way for children to help others when there is no physically tangible way to offer their help. To wish well 1) put your hands over your heart 2) take a deep breath in 3) pause and picture something precious in your mind 4) breathe out while opening your arms and sending those precious, loving thoughts out to the person you are wishing well.

The Wish Well Board is used for the class-wide Wish Well Ritual. When a child is absent, moving to another school, has arrived late or is in need of support for other reasons, the child’s picture or name is placed in the heart inside your Wish Well Board. During your Wish Well Ritual, we will invite the class to wish the child well.

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REMINDER We follow WASHINTON LOCAL for closings and delays due to weather.  The Remind APP, our facebook page and classroom message systems will also carry any message of school closings or delays.


Invoices are coming home next week. Please note that payments must be made by the first Friday of every month unless autopayment arrangements have been set up. Check, cash, credit/debit and money orders are all accepted in the office. If you have an autopayment for the upcoming Friday, it may already be  reflected on your invoice.

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10/25 & 10/26 Picture Days

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