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Did you know that we have a website loaded with resources?  Teacher emails, calendar, family supports, teacher bio's and much more can be found at:  School Website

The first weeks of school can be difficult for parents & children.  This period of transition typically lasts  a few days to a few weeks.  Some children may be apprehensive and worried, some may come home exhausted while others can't wait to come back the next day.  Stop by the bulletin board across from the office and get a flyer on how to make this time period a little easier for your child.  Your child's teacher can help as well! 

Reminder there is no school on Labor Day this Monday!

Ohio Early Learning Grant

Will your child be 4 on Oct 1st? Do you live in Ohio?  Is tuition difficult for you to pay?  

There is a Grant which may work for you!  We have just a few left.  Contact the office for more information 

What's happening in the Classrooms?
The First Six Weeks

This is the time of the year when the whole building is working on the same topic.  Currently the curriculum topic involves building community, setting boundaries,forming relationships, introducing centers and setting the foundation for the year!  The classrooms will also begin the Phonics Dance during this period.
If you will be needing extended day services between 6 AM-6:30 AM, please contact the office.  We are considering reducing the hours to begin at 6:30 AM if there is not a need.
All families must read the handbook.  Once the handbook is read, please download and sign the handbook form indicating that you have read and will adhere to the policies within the handbook or click the link to sign the agreement digitally
Pick up on both sides of the building is starting to look good!  A few reminders, do not pull around another car to line jump ahead unless a teacher waves you on.  You may pull out of line to leave with a loaded car if you are cautious.  

Please remember on the large lot side to keep the exit clear so that the line can continue moving! 

If your child is in PK2 or PK3, the pick up time is closer to 3:15 PM.

  1. Be patient! In the beginning of the year it may take a little bit to get through the line but as time passes, the process becomes smooth & quick when we work together
  2. Follow directions on maps below
  3. Please avoid large gaps in lining up
  4. As the line forms, DO NOT block the exit on N. Haven side
  5. Do not park  and walk up to get your child. Do remain in your car and wait in line. Your child will be brought to you while in the line.
  6. Watch for the line to move, move when there is space to move.
  7. Do NOT drive around a loading car unless waved on by a faculty member then proceed cautiously.
  8. Drive slowly in the lot both while entering and exiting
  9. If you wish to speak to a teacher for more than a couple minutes about your child, please make an appointment, email, use the class app or call. Safety is essential at pickup and the teacher is paying attention to the children, the identity of those picking up and the safety in the lot so unfortunately, she cannot have a lengthy conversation at pick up time.
  10. Those sent to pick up a student must have an ID handy and must be on the pickup list.
Put your school license plate in your right dash car window with name facing outward
(419) 478-9900 Call if you are running late
The office utilizes the Remind App for short updates, notifications, emergency announcements, delays, closures and more.  It would be very beneficial to sign up for our announcements via this system.  Download the app and join our "class". 
The class name: St. Catherine ECEC SY20/21
Case Code: @47bggc

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

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Early Childhood Education Center 
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