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Volume 7 Issue 8

School Improvement Group


Last year we formed a group designed to focus on specific school needs and come up with plans to address those needs. We currently have room for an additional 2-3 new members. We will meet via Zoom approximately 1-2 times per month for 1 hour. Days and times will be set based on the group availability.  Click the link below to be considered for this group. Thanks!

School Improvement Interest

Picture Day-428.png

Oct 26/27

Please note that students will go to picture appointments with the teacher. We recommend that parents, grandparents and caregivers write any instructions down on the picture form (include sweater, may hold stuffed animal, please smooth down hair etc.).

Teachers will NOT be changing children in/out of clothes so please send students in clothes that they may wear all day.

Picture previews will be sent home either the day of pictures or the day after so that you may order if you wish. No money is due on picture day. There will be no make-up day for pictures however we will have spring pictures as well.


The Feelings Buddies, which were introduced last week are part of a larger curriculum called "Conscious Discipline". We utilize Conscious Discipline schoolwide and want to share with you what we are learning about ourselves and our students!

From the website- Conscious Discipline empowers us to be conscious of brain-body states in ourselves and children. It then provides us with the practical skills we need to manage our thoughts, feeling and actions. With this ability to self-regulate, we are then able to teach children to do the same. By doing this, we help children who are physically aggressive (survival state) or verbally aggressive (emotional state) become more integrated so they can learn and use problem-solving skills (executive state). When we understand the brain state model, we can clearly see the importance of building our homes, schools and businesses on the core principles of safety, connection and problem-solving.

Learn more about brain states here:

Brain States

Conscious Discipline starts with the adult. Over the next few newsletters I will link mini webinars that our teachers will be viewing as well. We hope you find something helpful in each one!

7 Powers for Conscious Adults #1 Perception


In place of our typical parade and party we will be having an all-school week-long celebration. Each day will be a different theme. If your child does not attend Tuesday they will receive their goody bag on the next scheduled day.

Please note that there is NO Halloween parade or party as listed on the calendar

Halloween Spirit Week _1_.jpg

Preschool Lunches

In our busy lives, it is often difficult to find time to pack healthy lunches for ourselves or our children. If you find that you would like to take advantage of our free hot lunches this year, just let us know! Our meals are carefully designed to meet all of the guidelines for healthy options/portions. Many foods designed for children's packed lunches are created for convenience and are filled with little nutritional value. Student lunches should be limited on items which are considered snack foods (donuts, cheetos, cookies, poptarts, candybars, chips etc.). We encourage following the linked guidelines for packed lunches. You can put in your child's age and activity level to get a suggested menu. I have a sample one linked as well. The sample is for a 4 year old female with 30-60 minutes of moderate activity each day.

My Plate Widget

4 year old female example


October 26/27 Picture day

October 25-29th Halloween Spirit Week

Monday & Tuesday November 22nd & 23rd Parent-Teacher Conferences NO SCHOOL

If your child is 4 as of 10/1/21 and you live in Ohio you may qualify for an Early Childhood Education Grant based on family size and income. Contact the office for details.

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