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Volume 8 Issue 7


Teachers have been preparing for conferences and are looking forward to meeting with you! It is so important that we have your input because you are your child's first teacher and know them so well.

During each conference, teachers will go over your child's progress since school began. They will discuss all aspects of development. The assessment that we use is called the Early Learning Assessment and it is based on the Standards provided to us by the Ohio Department of Education. It is observation based. We also supplement that assessment with more traditional assessments that will be documented on a report card for you. You will receive the report card prior to conferences so that you can review it and prepare an y questions or concerns that you may want to address during your meeting.

Please remember that it is still early in the school year and at this age, most of the progress begins showing in late winter/early spring. It is amazing how things tend to "click" into place around that time.

If you are interested in reading more about Preschool conferences, please click the link below.

Conference Tips

Conferences will be held on Nov 21st & Nov 22nd. Teachers will provide sign ups soon. There will be no school during this week.

Faculty Focus

Welcome to Ms. Molly Deere! Molly has joined our faculty as a teacher in PK4. Goodbye to Miss Miranda! She has taken a position as a para in Oregon City Schools. We wish you well!

Congrats to Mrs. Lexie on the birth of your beautiful daughter!

If your child's last ASQ-3 indicated areas that we should target to develop you will be receiving another ASQ-3 to see what progress has been made. This will help the teacher update goals and indicate if additional support is needed. Please complete them promptly and send them back for scoring.

Last week we had two inspections and passed both with perfect scores. The Ohio Department of Education Licensing inspector came on Monday to ensure that we are following all regulations set forth by the Ohio Revised Code and ODE. On Friday, we had an inspection from the Health Department to monitor that we are following all protocols that have to do with food safety.

We are inspected unannounced annually by both entities.

Calming oneself when upset is a big task for many preschoolers. One concept in Conscious Discipline that we teach revolves around breathing. Three deep breaths shut off the fight or flight response in the body. For this reason, we teach many types of breathing techniques when a child is calm so that they have a tool to use when they are upset. Some of the techniques are linked here for you to try at home.

Breathing Techniques

More techniques

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Invoices for December

Due to the holiday, invoices for December will go home on the last Monday of this month.

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Christmas Break- December 21st-January 3rd. Return to school on January 4th.

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