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With the Governor's latest order, we will be delivering school via Google Classroom for the month of April.  Each evening links will be posted in the Google Classroom around 9 PM featuring lessons for the next day.  Each school day will contain 4-5 lessons and 1 story time. If you missed some of the earlier lessons they are slowly being added to the Google Classroom so that everyone has access to the lessons already offered.
Lessons will be listed in the Google Classroom

Some lessons will contain a link to a prerecorded video.  Some lessons will contain a link for an upcoming live lesson.  These live lessons will not be recorded as not everyone is comfortable with their child being recorded. In order to get to the google classroom, contact your child's teacher and she will invite you via email. Our school classroom must have a privacy setting only allowing GMail accounts to access material so if you do not have a gmail, please set one up.  If there is a parent out the who is proficient in Google Classrooms that knows another way to access material without a gmail account, please contact me. Until then, the easiest way is to set up a free gmail account and send your email to your child's teacher.
As adults you are aware that consistency is the key in early childhood development.  We feel it is extremely important to continue learning and preparing for the next school year.  Please work with your child's teacher so that, as a team, you can come up with the best areas to focus on during this time of virtual learning.  Set up a schedule for learning.  Be sure to help your child continue to develop the skills needed for PK & K.  We will get through this together!  We met as a team and all teachers are on board with providing you with ways to continue the progress started this year.  As a nonprofit business, we will do all that we can do to continue both keeping all of our teachers employed and also fulfilling our mission as a partner with you in building a strong foundation for your child's education.
Update on Tuition 

Due to change in the delivery of lessons we will be reducing tuition for the month of April.  Tuition will now reflect a 2/3 reduction in rates so each family is only paying 1/3 of tuition that is normally paid.  Invoices will be emailed to all families with a current email.  We want to avoid using postal mail so please send your email to your child's teacher.  Please note that if you were scheduled to pay through June these reduced rates will not begin until next month for your account.  

The easiest way to pay tuition is through Tuition Express.  Please email back the form that is linked below if you wish to set up auto payments.  If you wish to pay online at your convenience, the office can send you a link to your tuition express account which will allow you to pay online.  If you wish to postal mail your payment, please do so.  We will be checking mail once a week.

Teachers will be holding conferences via zoom, face-time or by phone with each family.  You will be contacted to set up a time.

St. Catherine of Siena Parish has started live streaming  Mass.  Please follow the link below to attend.

Each weekday morning there will be a different teacher reading a story posted on Facebook.  These will be posted on our YouTube channel as well in case you are not on FB.

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

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