St. Catherine of Siena ECEC news & updates

Volume 7 Issue 12


We return to school tomorrow!

Accounts must be brought current for this half of the school year prior to beginning the second half of the school year in January.

With the recent surge in Covid-19 cases, it is important to address the guidelines which we must adhere to when dealing with illness. We will continue to follow the Lucas County school requirements as well as the requirements given to us from the Ohio Department of Education. Please help us by familiarizing yourself with these policies and by adhering to them. In addition, if your child has been exposed to Covid over Christmas break, please refer to the following guidelines and contact the office.

covid 2.jpg

Home Covid Tests

Home tests are a great option however in order for them to be acceptable they must be done via Tele-health and not done independently.

"Proctored Tests: Any individual following the 7-day alternative quarantine strategy must obtain a negative PCR or Antigen result from a proctored test to end quarantine after day 7. A proctored test is one that is observed at the time of testing by a qualified professional and reported to the state (this includes self-tests that have a tele-health session completed at the time of testing). A self-test completed without a tele-health session does not qualify for reduced quarantine."

  • 1 adult at drop off
  • Student must wash hands upon arrival
  • report student illness to the office
  • consider vaccination for 5 year old students
  • "Mask to Stay" does NOT apply to preschool
  • With the surge in Toledo cases-Please have a back up plan for managing potential class or school closures and/or family quarantines.
  • We DO NOT anticipate going remote but depending on exposure, classes may close for quarantines/isolations or lack of healthy faculty.

Upcoming: Thursday January 14th 2 hour delay –NO AM Extended Day

Monday January 17th Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO SCHOOL