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Volume 8 Issue 3


We are midway through our first week of school! The students are transitioning beautifully! Over the first few weeks your child will grow more confident and less tired. There are so many new experiences during those first few weeks so please know that it is very normal for your child to be a little out of sorts at the end of the day. Your child's teacher will be sending home a TRANSITION PLAN which will detail how we will assist your child in adjusting to school. Please add to the plan since you know your child best! If there are concerns you have, add those in the appropriate area. If there are suggestions that you have, add those as well! Together we will help your child adjust to PS/PK!


The pick up line at the end of the day is pretty smooth for the first week of school. Here are some ways to improve the line for all families.

  1. Park in the middle if you do not have a car seat and need one or if you wish to buckle your child in yourself. Holding up the line to get out and buckle your child in causes delays for others.
  2. Park in the middle if you need to have a lengthy discussion with your child's teacher.
  3. follow the traffic pattern, pull up close to the curb and avoid creating large gaps in cars.
  4. Show up a few minutes later than you have been arriving to thin the line out a bit. The line was in the street at 2:45 yesterday!

Thanks for your patience! The line will drastically improve as the weeks go on!


Please remember that students may not come to school in diapers or pullups. Children are not able to wear pullups at rest time either. This is a school policy. Children must be fully potty-trained.

We understand that accidents are a part of life for this age. No worries! Be sure to send spare clothes.

Please dress your child in clothing which they can manage independently. While jumpers, belts, suspenders, rompers, buttons and zippers are stylish and adorable, the goal is to have the child develop confidence by being self-sufficient. Some clothing items are impossible for this age to manage without assistance.



Doors open for school at 7:55. Please aim to arrive between 7:55-8:10 AM. If your child arrives after 8:20 they may not be admitted without a valid reason. No child may come to school after 10:00 AM. Please plan on keeping your child home on days when an appointment runs late.


Coming home today is a developmental screening for you to complete. This screening will help us identify areas that we can help with your child's development. Please be honest when completing the form. Fine motor is often an area that children struggle with at this age. Do not be alarmed if your child's development needs support in areas. Children develop at different rates and often the supports we provide at school and home will catch them up within 3 months.

Fine Motor Development


Invoices are coming home today. Please note that payments must be made by the first Friday of every month unless autopayment arrangements have been set up. Check, cash, credit/debit and money orders are all accepted in the office.

Autopayment form


9/5- No school Labor Day

9/20- Early Dismissal 12 PM- Faculty meeting-

           No PM Extended Day

If your child is 4 as of 10/1/22 and you live in Ohio you may qualify for an Early Childhood Education Grant based on family size and income. Contact the office for details.

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