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          Welcome to the 2018-2019
        St. Catherine Preschool School Year

We survived our first three days!  It is completely normal for students (parents and teachers) to feel extremely tired during the first few weeks.  It is hot and there is a new routine.  Your child might be more emotional than usual while he/she is adjusting to the school routine.  Be sure to let us know if you have any concerns.  Each week you will receive this newsletter via email.  There will be paper copies on the bench by the office if you do not have email access.  Please take the time to read each letter as there will be important information in each one.
Snack Information

AM and all-day students will have snack around approximately an hour to an hour 1/2  after arrival.  Students are offered water, milk, apple or white grape juice and a healthy snack (fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, crackers, pretzels etc.)

*We request that you provide either a $15 ($8 for those enrolled 2 half days) donation toward the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables or 3 (2 f or those enrolled 2 half days) shelf stable snacks enough to feed 25 students per snack.
For students attending the all-day program

The hot lunch and breakfast program began on our first day.   Breakfast and Hot Lunch is an optional service.  We will send home the first order form prior to the start of each month which will give you the opportunity to order.  We are part of the National School Hot Lunch Program.  This means that your child may qualify for free or reduced prices on meals.  The applications are available outside of the office.   If your child receives SNAP or OWF  benefits, he/she may be automatically qualified.  Ms. Huber will notify you if this is the case.  You can also contact the office if you feel your child will automatically qualify.  If your child buys a lunch PLEASE DO NOT send a packed lunch as well.
Clothing Choices

Please try to send your child in clothing items that he/she can manage independently.  Elastic waistband pants are wonderful!  Belts, zippers, buttons and anything that your child hasn't mastered yet should be saved for later in the year.  Right now the focus for all of our students is separating from loved ones independently, learning rules, making friends and handling routines successfully.  Zippers, buttons, ties on shoes and other fine motor skills will be added later.
Thank you!

Congrats to Braylee and Noah on the birth of their baby brother Rowan!  

Tuition Payments are due by the 24th of each month. If you chose invoicing, you will be sent an invoice through the yellow folder that is sent home weekly.  You may pay at any point during the month up to and including the 24th.  Some families chose to make smaller weekly payments.  How you pay is up to you.  We accept cash, check, credit card, money order, automatic deductions through Tuition Express, direct pay through your bank account.  Payment for school is a set amount broken up over ten months.  The first payment is due by August 24th.  Your invoice was mailed to you at the beginning of August with subsequent invoices arriving in the yellow folder.  If you enrolled later in August, just prior to school starting, you may choose to break payments up over the ten months beginning with September and ending with June.  Please notify the office if you are taking that option due to later enrollment.
Don't think that you can afford PK or preschool?

We're excited to announce that St. Catherine Preschool has been awarded a large grant which will assist 4 year old students from low income families in receiving a quality preschool education.  Only 6 spots are still available.  Call the school office for details.

If your are an active parishioner from Most Blessed Sacrament, St. Catherine, St. John the Baptist, St. Clement or St. Michael the Archangel, you may qualify for an active parishioner scholarship.  Contact the school office for details.    (419)478-9900
Allergies, Medical Conditions and Medication

If your child has an allergy, medical condition or medication that needs to be administered at school, please contact the school office so we can be sure to prepare the faculty to meet the needs of your child.  All medications must be hand delivered to a faculty member (do not send in backpacks) with the appropriate permissions and forms.  Medications must be in the original bottles.  Some medications require physician instructions and permission for us to administer.
Bathroom Concerns

Please rest assured, we are part of your team now!  We understand that there will be accidents.  Because of this, we schedule MANY trips to the bathroom each day.  As we learn the needs of the class, breaks are adjusted.  Our goal for each child is to learn to:
1.speak up when a bathroom break is needed 
2.Independently manage clothing
3.wipe independently
4.operate soap and towel dispensers
5. wash hands appropriately

 Part of preschool and PK is learning independence.  Children thrive when they can be self-reliant.  We will support your child at their current level and work on these goals.  You can help us by dressing your child in clothing that can be managed easily by the child, practice independent wiping using verbal cues, understanding that accidents happen and by supporting your child's development in this area.  As a final note, students may not attend school in pull-ups.

You can find us on facebook, through our website, and on 

Car line Pick-Up

In order to keep the line moving swiftly for all students, please stay in your car at pick up time.  If you want to get out of your car to retrieve your child, please park in the middle and walk to the center glass doors for pick up (unless you have a pre-schooler go to entrance 8).

Morning drop off, please drive slowly in the lot as there is  quite a bit of traffic in the morning.  We want to be sure that all those walking in the lot are safe and no cars receive damage.  It is worth the extra minute to ensure safety for all!  
Enrollment Paperwork

All students must have a complete file within 30 days from the first day of school.  Items in BOLD below must be completed on the first day of school.

1. current physical (valid for 12 months) 
2. immunization records
3. registration paper (please fill out ALL portions of the dentist, physician and    
    emergency contact information including  addresses  and phone numbers )
4. baptismal or birth certificate
5. any custody paperwork that we need to  be made aware of
6. Dentist form -Does not need to be signed by a dentist
7. Publicity Form
8. An emergency care plan for any children diagnosed with severe asthma, food or insect  
    allergies requiring an EPI-pen, medical concerns requiring medications to be administered     at  school or other health related concerns that would require our faculty to have a plan in         place  in the event of an emergency.  Please ask your doctor for a form or call the school         office. Please attach a picture of your child to the form.


Click below to download a 2018-2019 School Calendar

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

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Early Childhood Education Center 
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