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September 22nd    2 hour delay -NO AM Extended Day, No AM School
 Doors open for all at 9:55 AM

There IS School Aged Child Care as usual 

Fine Motor

This month we have been asking families to complete ASQ-3 screenings.  These screenings help identify areas that a child may need support in developing.  Typically, fine motor is an area that develops last.  It isn't uncommon for children to be strong in all areas and struggle with fine motor.  The good news is that there are so many things that can be done to help a child develop fine motor skills!  Check out the links below.  If your child had a screening which indicated that an area of development needed support, we will provide a list of activities to try, the teacher will work on the skills in the classroom and we will rescreen in 3 months to check for progress.

Fine Motor Skills Explained
DID YOUR CHILD START SCHOOL HERE ON THE FIRST DAY?  Is your child's folder complete?  

All children have only 30 DAYS from the first day of attendance to turn in all required items for files.  Physicals, immunization records, birth certificates, dental form and any items pertaining to special health conditions or custody concerns MUST be turned in before or on 9/28/20 or your child may not return.  We have sent a notice home to all of those with an incomplete file.
If your child started after 8/28/20, the deadline will be 30 days after thestart date.

Please remember that all tuition is due on the first Friday of each month UNLESS an auto payment arrangement has been made.

Oct 27th & Oct 28th 
Mark your calendars! 
Your child will be assigned to a day. Stay tuned!
Ohio Early Learning Grant

Will your child be 4 on Oct 1st? Do you live in Ohio?  Is tuition difficult for you to pay?  

There is a Grant which may work for you!  We have just a few left.  Contact the office for more information 

Extended Day Hours:   6:30 AM- 7:45 AM
                                       3:00 PM- 6:00 PM
All families must read the handbook.  Once the handbook is read, please download and sign the handbook form indicating that you have read and will adhere to the policies within the handbook or click the link to sign the agreement digitally
The office utilizes the Remind App for short updates, notifications, emergency announcements, delays, closures and more.  It would be very beneficial to sign up for our announcements via this system.  Download the app and join our "class". 
The class name: St. Catherine ECEC SY20/21
Case Code: @47bggc

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

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Early Childhood Education Center 
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