St. Catherine of Siena ECEC news & updates

Volume 7 Issue 15


It is parent/guardian and teacher conference time! Conferences will be held on 3/24 and 3/25. Your child's teacher will reach out to have you schedule at time to meet. Please check the following link for conference tips.

Conference tips


Reminder-No School this Thursday and Friday!


Please help us continue to improve! Click the link below to take a survey about our administration and office!

Administration Survey



Accounts must be current as of spring break in order for students to maintain enrollment for the last portion of the year.


March 24/25 No School/Conferences

March 21/22 Spring Picture Days

April 15th-24th No School/Spring Break

Graduation/Moving up

In order to safely accommodate those who wish to attend, we will have separate mini-graduation programs for each class. Students will sing 2-3 songs, receive certificates, take pictures and dismiss from the ceremony. Each program will last approximately 15 minutes with an additional 15 minutes to socialize with other families, say goodbye to teachers and friends. We ask that you refrain from having personal parties/celebrations on the property/parking lot and reserve large gift giving for home. You certainly may bring your child balloons, flowers or small gift bag if you choose!

There will be balloons set up at the prayer garden if you wish to take additional photos.

  • Events will be held in the front of the school on the grassy area.
  • Students will assemble on the steps.
  • Please bring your own lawn chair or blankets for the grass
  • Please remain in your spaces as we dismiss students so that we can ensure that children make is safely from the stairs to you!

Schedule for Graduation/Moving up

May 26th 9:30 AM- Mrs. Ashley/Mrs.

Danielle's class

May 26th 10:30 AM-Mrs. Becky/Miss.

Michaela's class

May 26th 11:30 AM-Mrs. L/Mrs. A's class

May 26th 12:30 AM- Mrs. Lexie/Miss.

Caitlyn's class

May 26th 1:30 PM-Mrs. O/Miss.

Miranda's class

May 27th 9:30 AM-Ms. Karissa/Miss.

Sarah's class

May 27th 10:30 AM-Miss. Bree/Ms.

Kristyn's class