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Volume 7 Issue 10


November 22nd and November 23rd

No School

Conference sign ups will be handled by each individual teacher either through the class messaging app or through doorway paper sign ups. If you need a conference at a time other than the available days/times please contact your child's teacher. If you wish to have a conference with a specials teacher (Mrs. Rupp, Mrs. Sykes or Ms. J) please contact the office. If you wish to have a conference with me, please email, call or stop by the office.

Tips for a successful conference

Thanksgiving Break




Power of Attention


Whatever we focus on, we get more of.

GOAL: To create images of expected behavior in a child’s brain.

Conscious Discipline starts with the adult. Over the next few newsletters I will link mini webinars that our teachers will be viewing as well. We hope you find something helpful in each one!

7 Powers for Conscious Adults #3 Power of Attention


Our Christmas Program will be recorded in classrooms and put together in a video which will air via YouTube on December 21st. You will receive a link to the show via email or you can find it on our Facebook page and webpage no sooner than 10 AM 12/21/21

Accounts must be brought current for this half of the school year prior to beginning the second half of the school year in January.


Parent-Teacher Conferences: Monday & Tuesday November 22nd & 23rd NO SCHOOL

Fall Break:

November 22nd- November 26th NO SCHOOL

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