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          If you have not read through ALL of our first issue, please do so now before proceeded.  Many of your questions will be answered there. Newsletter 1  

When you are ready to read this particular newsletter, please know that a lot of thought was put into how we can keep students, faculty and families safe while still providing a sense of normalcy.  It is so important that children still have security, community, friendships, routine and fun.  Any changes that we will be implementing will be reviewed periodically in case that procedure needs to be revised.  All procedures, policies and practices are put into place after first reviewing mandates and best practices from the CDC, Lucas County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Education.  Although we can't eliminate the risk to exposure to Covid-19, we will be doing everything we can to reduce the risk of exposure.
Classroom Ratios and Splits

Each class has been split into two groups in a manner which will allow for equal classroom counts which cap out at 9.  These splits are listed below in this newsletter.  Although your child is assigned to a specific classroom, he/she will have equal time with both the lead and assistant teacher throughout the day.  All students will receive the same lessons although the timing of the lessons will be different throughout the day.

Orientation half days will NOT go by alphabet.  Orientation will instead be by splits.  If your child is in classroom split A, your child will come to orientation on 8/27/20, split B will be on 8/28/20.  There will be NO extended day AM or PM on these days.  This is a student only orientation time.  Arrival is between 7:55 AM-8:15 AM.  Pick up will be between 10:45 AM-11:15 AM.  Please adhere to the arrival and pickup procedures in this newsletter.

The office utilizes the Remind App for short updates, notifications, emergency announcements, delays, closures and more.  It would be very beneficial to sign up for our announcements via this system.  Download the app and join our "class". 
The class name: St. Catherine ECEC SY20/21
Case Code: @47bggc

Arrival Procedures-New Information this Year!

If your child(ren) will be NOT be using Extended Day in the morning you will follow the following procedures.

1. All students will enter through the glass doors and proceed  to the lobby for screening
2. Children must be accompanied to the classroom by no more than 1 responsible adult
3. All ADULTS must wear a mask or face covering while in the building.
4.  Once you have entered the building, please line up on the stairs, observing 6 foot social          distance spacing.  Do not pass the threshold to the lobby outside of the office until you are        directed to a screening station.
5. Since there is limited space both inside of the glass doors and also on the stairs, please
    remain either in your car or spaced outside of the glass doors until there is room to
    accommodate you and your child(ren).
6. At the threshold of the upstairs lobby you will be directed to 1 of 5 screening stations to
    sign  in and to have your temperature taken.  This screening should be quick if everyone is        prepared and cooperates with the process.  The line should move fluidly as long as we all        work together!  Please be patient during the first week while we work out any changes that      may need to be made.
7. As long as the adult and child(ren) is symptom and fever free and has had no immediate
    exposure to Covid-19, they may proceed to the assigned sink area to wash hands prior to
    reporting to the classroom.
Students are required to wash their hands prior to entering the classroom.  In order to avoid large lines at any bathroom class splits have been assigned to a sink near their classroom.  You do not HAVE to adhere to a specific bathroom although it will help the flow of people through the building.  If you see an open sink, you may use a different sink.  You may also utilize the sinks in the Siena Center bathrooms if you wish.  Please maintain social distance guidelines if you find yourself waiting for a sink.

PS1B, PS2B, PK1B PK2B, PK3B- May use the three bathroom areas located on the main hallway running from the office.  All three bathrooms are at the opposite end of the hall from the office near the stairs.  One bathroom is tucked away in the old nurse's station located on the left side of the hallway.
PK1A & PK2A -May use the sink located inside the bathroom nearest to the Extended Day classroom
PS1A & PK3A- May use the sink located inside the bathroom nearest to their classroom.
PS2A May use the 2 sinks located in the Art Room across from their classroom
PK5 A & B- May use the sink located inside the bathroom nearest to their classrooms
PK4 A & B- May use the sink located inside the bathroom that is located on the third floor above the extended day room.
PK6- May use the sinks located at the back of the cafeteria
Hand Sanitizer

We will have hand sanitizer scattered throughout the building and on every welcome table.  Hand sanitizer is to be used in the event that soap and water is not immediately available.  The preferred method of cleaning hands will remain soap & running water.  Hand Sanitizer products will be monitored for safety and will not contain methanol. 
If your child will need Extended Day Services please read below.
Due to reduced ratio requirements we need to know ahead of time what your extended day needs are for the school year.  This is the only time of day when we may need to mix groups in order to accommodate the needs of our families. Currently the Health Department  is limiting the number of students per classroom to 9.  This will change how our extended day operates since we typically have a limit of 20.  Please click below and answer the extended day survey.  We will use the results of the survey to plan for AM & PM extended day.  Once we have a plan in place we will ask you to register for extended day services.  Ext day is $6/hour

Covid-19 Illness & Exposure Management

We have adopted the following protocol for assessing exposure and potential risk for an individual.  This protocol may change based on direction from the CDC, Lucas County Health Department or the Ohio Department of Education.

No Risk: Everyone is healthy and no signs are reported *No quarantine needed
Low Risk: Indirect exposure (exposure to a person who was exposed to a positive case)
                 *No quarantine needed-closely monitor for symptoms
Moderate Risk:Exposed to a confirmed case or exposure to someone pending test results
                 *Quarantine until test results come back negative or 14 days from date contact
                  was made with the individual who tested positive.
High Risk: Experiencing symptoms yourself
                 *Quarantine 14 days from the date of test and at least 48 hours fever free without
                  the use of fever reducing medication

RED-Complete closure of the building will occur if several results are positive and we show signs of center wide outbreak OR we are severely understaffed due to illness and quarantine.

YELLOW- Possible closure of part of the building.  If a faculty member OR student is currently pending test results, the class split that he/she has exposed may be excluded from our program and that class split can not attend until the pending test results come back negative and  or 14 days from the date of exposure, whichever comes first.

GREEN-Operating as normal.  Everyone is healthy. No one that has been in attendance has pending test results.

**If a student's family is being tested, that student will be excluded, however we would consider this a low risk for the rest of the classroom due to indirect exposure and we will resume operations as usual.
It is imperative that both the school and all families have honest and open communication about any potential illness or exposure to Covid-19.  We can only operate safely if all of us are transparent.   We appreciate and expect everyone to adhere to policies and procedures that are in place which are allowing us to open our doors.

Coming Soon! We are updating and finalizing the handbook!
All families must read the handbook.  Once the handbook is read, please download and sign the handbook form indicating that you have read and will adhere to the policies within the handbook.
Specials this fall will be altered in order to limit student exposure.  As the year progresses we will add specials classes in specials rooms delivered by specials teachers as safety permits.

Music-inside student classroom by classroom teacher
Art-inside student classroom by classroom teacher
PE-will take place outside by the classroom teacher
                                             Computer- on hold until further notice
                                             Atrium- will resume in October (estimated)
In order to reduce exposure, we will begin the school year with the following practices.  We will review practices as year progresses.

1. Rest time will take place in classrooms
2. Lunch time will take place in classrooms
3. Mass attendance for PK will not take place
4. Virtual field trips will replace in-person trips
5. Classroom parties will be closed events
6. Groups will not mix during recess
Family Information Night via Zoom

Please join!  It will be recorded in case you are not able to attend.

Topic: Family Orientation
Time: Aug 24, 2020 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 857 2127 8847
Passcode: 404456
One tap mobile
+13126266799,,85721278847#,,,,,,0#,,404456# US (Chicago)
+16465588656,,85721278847#,,,,,,0#,,404456# US (New York)

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 857 2127 8847
Passcode: 404456
Find your local number:

Cleaning & Sanitizing will be a priority this year!  All spaces will be sanitized with a fogger/sprayer a minimum of each evening.  The solution used is food grade safe and approved to use against COVID-19.  Any space being used by multiple groups (ext day, bathrooms) will be sanitized between groups.  Touch point cleaning will be done throughout the day.  Doors which can remain open will be open to reduce a touch point.  Materials & surfaces in classrooms will be cleaned throughout the day with immediate attention paid to items which have been put into a child's mouth.  Our faculty will be having additional training in cleaning practices prior to school.
Floor plans are provided below in a effort to help you identify where your child's assigned classroom is located.  Restroom/sink locations are noted as well.
 PS1 A & B Ms. Ashley & Ms. Danielle's
Preschool Class

PS1A  Mrs. Ashley
Eden                                           Supply List

PS1B Mrs. Danielle
Ms. Mary & Ms. Amy's 
Preschool Class

*PS2A Ms. Mary
Lila                      *handwashing for split A will be in the Art room across for the 
Cheyenne            classroom which is located in the basement beneath PK3A
Jaxon                                                Supply List

PS2B    Mrs. Amy  
PK 1 Miss Brooke & Miss Miranda's   Pre-Kindergarten Class

PK1A Miss Brooke
Jaxon K                                           Supply List

PK1B  Miss Miranda
PK 2 Mrs. L & Mrs. A's   
Pre-Kindergarten Class

Nash           Eleanor
Camren        Ryan
Brighton      Sofia
Braxton       Colton
Mason          Emmett  
Zayden         Guinevere
Rylinn          Greysen
Brooklyn       Maisen

PK 3 Mrs. Lexie  & Miss. Caitlyn   
Pre-Kindergarten Class

Mubashir   Karlene  
Marko         Paisley 
Sincere       Emmeline
Isella          Julian
                                                            Supply List

Anthony      Karlee
Liam           Santiago
Nate           Josiah
      PK 4  Mrs. O's & Ms. Kayla's
      Pre-Kindergarten Class

PK4A         Link to Teacher Bio
Nikolai       Dakota 
Sontonye   Darrell
                                                      Supply List
PK 5 Mrs. Lori  & Ms. Kristyn 
Pre-Kindergarten Class

Easton           Adelina
Jason             Emmeline
Carson           William     
Caroline         Havannah
       Supply List
Ja'Cree               Genevieve
Xavier                 Rubie

Mrs. Becky Boros 

                       No splits                         Supply List   

                       This class is located in the basement below the Atrium.  Hand washing will be done in the cafeteria.
Landon            Madelyn 
Charlotte        Savannah
Evelyn             Vivianne 
Titan               Jaxson

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

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Early Childhood Education Center 
 1155 Corbin Rd
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