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Volume 7 Issue 9


November 22nd and November 23rd

No School

Conference sign ups will be handled by each individual teacher either through the class messaging app or through doorway paper sign ups. If you need a conference at a time other than the available days/times please contact your child's teacher. If you wish to have a conference with a specials teacher (Mrs. Rupp, Mrs. Sykes or Ms. J) please contact the office. If you wish to have a conference with me, please email, call or stop by the office.

Tips for a successful conference

School Improvement Group


Last year we formed a group designed to focus on specific school needs and come up with plans to address those needs. We currently have room for an additional 2-3 new members. We will meet via Zoom approximately 1-2 times per month for 1 hour. Days and times will be set based on the group availability.  Click the link below to be considered for this group. Thanks!

School Improvement Interest


"The biggest threat to a child's sense of safety is an out-of-control adult. The key to safety is a conscious, mindful adult."

Conscious Discipline starts with the adult. Over the next few newsletters I will link mini webinars that our teachers will be viewing as well. We hope you find something helpful in each one!

7 Powers for Conscious Adults #2 Power of Unity

Free Books!

 Imagination Library


"Developing literacy begins at birth. By the age of three, a child’s brain is already 80% developed, and, by the time a child enters kindergarten, they must already know thousands of words in order to succeed in the classroom⁽¹⁾. Reading aloud to a child and giving them access to books is the best way to ensure they are prepared to enter kindergarten.

Through our partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, we are working to send every child in Ohio from birth to age five a new book each month. Research has shown that a child with 25 books in their home complete an average of two additional years of schooling compared to their peers without books in their home⁽²⁾. Our goal is that every kindergartener begins school with 60 books in their home."



Parent-Teacher Conferences: Monday & Tuesday November 22nd & 23rd NO SCHOOL

Fall Break:

November 22nd- November 26th NO SCHOOL

If your child is 4 as of 10/1/21 and you live in Ohio you may qualify for an Early Childhood Education Grant based on family size and income. Contact the office for details.

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