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          Welcome to the 2018-2019
        St. Catherine Preschool School Year

We are happy that you have chosen our school!  This Summer Edition of our newsletter will answer many of the questions that you may have about our upcoming school year.  Please read through each item and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or if you need clarification.  We are so pleased and excited to begin a new year!

I apologize in advance!  Our newsletter is typically not this long but we have a lot of information to share!
Transitioning into School

10 Tips for an easy transition:
1. Bring your child to parent night to see the room and meet the teacher.
2. Find and read some books to your child about starting school.  The local library has plenty!
3. Show excitement and enthusiasm for school.  Please hide your own apprehensions and anxiety as your child will pick up on those feelings.
4. Have your child get plenty of sleep, especially the first couple of weeks
5. Show confidence in saying goodbye.  The more you linger and look uneasy the more your child will feel as though there is something to be uneasy about. 
6. Discuss your fears or your child's needs with your child's teacher ahead of time!  We are a team and want to help in anyway possible.
7.Ask your child about his/her day.  
8. Expect that there may be tears and know that we will call if there is an extreme case of your child not adjusting.  Give your child's teacher your cell number and we can text you a picture of your little one smiling and playing, which usually happens quite quickly.
9. Let your child pick out clothing and shoes for school.  
10. Include a picture of you or the family in your child's backpack, send a love note in lunchbox or send a special stuffed animal or small item to remind your child of home.
Snack Information

AM and all day students will have snack around approximately an hour to an hour 1/2  after arrival.  Students are offered water, milk or apple juice and a healthy snack (fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese, crackers, pretzels etc.)

If your child is attending extended day in the PM, snack will be provided around 3:30 or 4  PM

*Twice a year, we request that you provide either a $15 ($8 for those enrolled 2 or 3  half days) donation toward the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables or 3 (2 f or those enrolled 2 or 3 half days) shelf stable snacks enough to feed 25 students per snack.

For students attending the all-day program

The hot lunch and breakfast program will begin on our first day of school.  Please be sure to order prior to the first day.  Please bring the menu order form and payment to the parent night.  Breakfast and Hot Lunch is an optional service.  You will have the opportunity to order each month.  We will send home September's order form the first week of school.  We are part of the National School Hot Lunch Program.  This means that your child may qualify for free or reduced prices on meals.  The applications will be sent home the first week of school and also be available on parent night.  If your child receives SNAP or OWF  benefits, he/she may be automatically qualified.  Ms. Huber will notify you if this is the case.  You can also contact the office if you feel your child will automatically qualify.
Safety and Security

Students are never left alone!  We maintain constant visual contact with each child (with the exception of private bathroom breaks where we stay within the room but not in the stall).  Students practice fire, safety and tornado drills.  We keep all doors locked at all times except for the 15 minute arrival period in the morning.  At that time, a faculty member is standing at our one open entrance greeting and screening all those who enter.

All visitors must sign in at the office.  If a visitor is a parent picking up early or volunteering in the classroom, the office will call down to the classroom so that the teacher is aware that someone is arriving.  Any other visitor (meter reader, repair person etc.) will be escorted throughout the building.  All volunteers must be screened through Virtus prior to having any interaction with students.  

Our faculty and maintenance staff have all complied with the mandatory fingerprinting and background checks.  They have also been trained and screened through Virtus.

If you have a concern about the safety of your child (custody issues) please let us know immediately so that we can make all faculty aware of concerns.  Please be sure to copy any custody agreements or judgement and drop them off at the office.
Tuition Payments are due by the 25th of each month. If you chose invoicing, you will be sent an invoice through the yellow folder that is sent home weekly.  You may pay at any point during the month up to and including the 25th.  Some families chose to make smaller weekly payments.  How you pay is up to you.  We accept cash, check, money order, credit cards and automatic deductions through Tuition Express (direct pay through your bank account or credit card). Payment for school is a set amount broken up over ten months for convenience. The first payment is due by August 25th.  Your invoice will be mailed to you at the beginning of August with subsequent invoices arriving in the yellow folder.

If your child is ill, please call the office and let us know not to expect him/her.  (419)478-9900  If your child is home with a communicable disease or illness which is highly contagious (strep throat, hand, foot and mouth, lice, pneumonia etc.), please call the office so that we can notify other parents of the potential of illness.  All notifications are informational only and do not contain names or personal information.

Please try to have students to school on time each day.  It is important for all students to arrive on time so that each may experience the routines, procedures and transitions of the day.  Arriving late is difficult for children as they often miss important instructions and routines.  Please note that students arriving extremely late to school without cause may not be admitted that day.  We operate as a school rather than a day care and feel that routine and consistency is extremely important for children!  We appreciate your cooperation with this!
Dress Code

Please know that your child is likely to get dirty at school.  Play, learning and exploring can all result in messy clothes.  Please send your child in play clothes.    Please note that we do not allow students to wear sandals or open toe shoes.  
All Day Preschool and PreKindergarten

For students attending the all day program, please send a small blanket and small pillow that may stay at school. They will be sent home periodically for cleaning.  Your child may also bring one small stuffed/soft friend for rest time.  We prefer that it be a friend which can stay at school.  If the item MUST go home each day, please let the teacher know. 
All students must be escorted to the appropriate classroom and signed in by an adult.

AM Extended Day Only drop off-ring doorbell outside of entrance #8 off of main parking lot.  A M Extended Day drop off ENDS AT 7:45 AM.  All students arriving after 7:45 AM must wait for the main doors to open at 7:55 AM.  

AM drop off- Enter through the Siena Center glass doors. The main school door will open at 7:55 AM and remain open with a faculty greeter until 8:15 AM.  If you arrive late, ring the doorbell located outside of this door for admittance. 

Pick up procedures-  See diagram below.  If you need to meet with your child's teacher, please wait until the line is gone to have a lengthy discussion.  After the first week, the line typically takes around 5-7 minutes to clear.

You will receive a mailing identifying your child's classroom.  Included in that mailing will be the supply list for that classroom.  Please bring supplies to parent night so that teachers can focus on the children on the first days of school.
Don't think that you can afford PK or preschool?

We're excited to announce that St. Catherine Preschool has been awarded a large grant which will assist 4 year old students from low income families in receiving a quality prek education.  Only 9 spots are still available.  Call the school office for details.

If your are an active parishioner from Most Blessed Sacrament, St. Catherine, St. John the Baptist, St. Clement or St. Michael the Archangel, you may qualify for an active parishioner scholarship.  Contact the school office for details.    (419)478-9900
Allergies, Medical Conditions and Medication

If your child has an allergy, medical condition or medication that needs to be administered at school, please contact the school office so we can be sure to prepare the faculty to meet the needs of your child.  All medications must be hand delivered to a faculty member (do not send in backpacks) with the appropriate permissions and forms.  Medications must be in the original bottles.  Some medications require physician instructions and permission for us to administer.
Bathroom Concerns

Please rest assured, we are part of your team now!  We understand that there will be accidents.  Because of this, we schedule MANY trips to the bathroom each day.  As we learn the needs of the class, breaks are adjusted.  Our goal for each child is to learn to:
1.speak up when a bathroom break is needed 
2.Independently manage clothing
3.wipe independently
4.operate soap and towel dispensers
5. wash hands appropriately

 Part of preschool and PK is learning independence.  Children thrive when they can be self-reliant.  We will support your child at their current level and work on these goals.  You can help us by dressing your child in clothing that can be managed easily by the child, practice independent wiping using verbal cues, understanding that accidents happen and by supporting your child's development in this area.  As a final note, students may not attend school in pull-ups.

         Enrolling Now!

  If you know someone who has not signed their child up for preschool or prek yet but is interested, we are still accepting enrollments in some classes.  We are happy to say that we have five PK classes this year!  

You may set up a tour by calling the office (419) 478-9900 or by emailing Mrs. Kummer  

Registration paperwork can be found on our website or can be obtained by stopping by the school office.

You can find us on facebook, through our website, and on 

Enrollment Paperwork

All students must have a complete file within 30 days from the first day of school.  Items in BOLD below must be completed on the first day of school.

1. current physical (valid for 12 months) 
2. immunization records
3. registration paper (please fill out ALL portions of the dentist, physician and    
    emergency contact information including  addresses  and phone numbers )
4. baptismal or birth certificate
5. any custody paperwork that we need to  be made aware of
6. Dentist form -Does not need to be signed by a dentist
7. Publicity Form
8. An emergency care plan for any children diagnosed with severe asthma, food or insect  
    allergies requiring an EPI-pen, medical concerns requiring medications to be administered     at  school or other health related concerns that would require our faculty to have a plan in         place  in the event of an emergency.  Please ask your doctor for a form or call the school         office. Please attach a picture of your child to the form.

Please plan on attending our Parent Night. You will be able to meet the faculty, hear about policies/procedures and drop off school supplies.

The meeting will take place in the Siena Center gym located through the glass doors on the St. Catherine Campus.   Children are welcome to come but it is not required.  Following the meeting, you will have the opportunity to visit the classrooms, meet the teachers and drop off any school supplies.  We prefer that you drop supplies off on parent night rather than the first day of school so that we may focus on your child on his/her first day of school!

Parent Night Student  Last Names A-M 7 PM 
Tuesay   August 14th

Parent Night Student Last Names  N-Z 7 PM
Wednesday  August 15th
 Ms. Ashley & Ms. Danielle's
Preschool Class

Ms. Ashley Doty  has been an Early Childhood professional for 11 years.  She brings  a wealth of experience to our campus.  Ms. Ashley recently completed her Child Development Associates Certification!  She is creative, fun, organized, caring and experienced! She enjoys watching the students learn and grow!  Ms. Ashley can be contacted 

Mrs. Danielle Harder holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology.  Danielle has worked with children in the court system and in foster care.  We are pleased to have Ms. Danielle on our faculty as she brings with her a wealth of experience and compassion!



                             Ms. Ashley- Supply List
Ms. Mary & Ms. Amy's 
Preschool Class

Ms. Mary has been a preschool teacher for many years.  She holds an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood and enjoys helping all students, especially those with special needs.  We are pleased that Ms. Mary will be returning for her second year to our family!

Ms. Amy has been teaching for over 20 years. She enjoys learning new things and always tries to improve on her skills in the classroom.  Mrs. Amy will be team teaching with Ms. Mary.  The pair have taught together at several area daycare programs and have a great partnership in the classroom!

Ms. Amy Caudill's Email                

                      Ms. Mary- Supply List
Ms. Lexie Curtis'  
PreK Class

Ms. Lexie  is new to our faculty this year!  She is a graduate of Lourdes University with a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education.  Lexie is recently engaged!  We are so pleased to have Ms. Lexie join our family as she is innovative, enthusiastic, compassionate and dedicated.

Ms.Lexie  can be contacted through her email

                      Ms. Curtis- Supply List
Mrs. Lori Pierce's
PreK Class

Mrs. Lori has been teaching for many years both in this area and the Cincinnati area.  Lori enjoys educating young children and has focused her career primarily in the Preschool through Kindergarten age range.  Lori holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a Graduate degree in School Psychology.  She also holds a Master's degree in Education with an endorsement in Computer Technology and is licensed to teach preschool- 3rd grade.  Mrs. Lori is thrilled to be joining us this year as we open a new classroom! 

                           Mrs. Lori can be contacted through her email                       

Mrs. L & Mrs. A's   
PreK Class

Mrs. Ledergerber will be teaching one of the PK classes this year.  Mrs. Amborski is the assistant in this PK room.  The two are an amazing team and bring a great range of experiences to our program

Mrs. Jill  Ledergerber was born in Ohio and now lives in Tecumseh, Michigan with her husband. They have two adult children and two four-legged kids as well!  She earned a Bachelor's degree in Early and Middle Childhood Education from the Ohio State University.  She has had the opportunity to work with many different ages of children, and her favorite has been in Early Education.  Currently Jill is pursuing an additional certificate geared toward early learners.   Mrs. L is an ODE certified mentor and guides new teachers during their first years in the classroom.

Mrs. L can be contacted through her email

Mrs. Melinda Amborski has been an assistant teacher at the preschool level for several years.  She is married and has two daughters.  Mrs. A is a member of St. John the Baptist Parish.  She is a kind and patient teacher with a positive attitude!  Melinda brings years of training in Early Childhood Education.

Mrs. A can be contacted through her email                 

Mrs. Jeanette Williams' 
PK Class

Mrs. Jeanette Williams is a graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelor degree in Education and a Master's degree in Special Education.  Jeanette is a licensed Intervention Specialist as well.  She has been teaching for many years and is very excited to be returning this year. 

You can contact Mrs. Williams through her email.


Ms. Erin Cromly & Ms. Mikala Simon-Straub's 
      PK Class

Ms. Erin  Cromly will be Lead teacher for one of our PK classes.  Ms. Cromly holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Toledo in Early Childhood Education.  We are so pleased that she is part of our team because she brings compassion, enthusiasm, knowledge and experience with children to our family!   Ms. Cromly is a Parishioner at Most Blessed Sacrament Parish.  You can contact her through her  email.  ecromly@

Mikala is a graduate from St. Ursala Academy.  She is a member of Most Blessed Sacrament Parish.  Mikala comes from a large family.  She enjoys encouraging independence and joy in the classroom.  This will be Ms. Mikala's 2nd year in the classroom and we are so blessed to have her back. You can contact her through her email.
Mrs. Rupp will be teaching Art and will also guide students in the Atrium during the Cathechesis of the Good Shepherd Program.  Mrs. Rupp has both an Associate's Degree as well as over 21 years of experience as an educational professional.  Terri  enjoys helping children understand God's love for them.  Terri has a wonderful connection with children and is able to reach the introverted child through her patience and kindness.Terri is married and has 3 sons.  She is a member of St. Catherine Parish.

             You can reach Mrs. Rupp through her  email. trupp@

Mrs. Becky Boros will be teaching Computer and PE. She has over 20 years of teaching experience and is pursuing additional certification for Early Childhood.  Becky has two children; Marissa  and Tanner.   Becky enjoys camping and time at the beach with her family and supporting her son in his college baseball career. Becky says, "I love children and enjoy working with them.  I believe there is good in everyone and will never give up hope on a child." 
Mrs. Boros is an ODE certified mentor and guides new teachers during their first years in the classroom.

You can contact Becky through her  email .          bboros@

Ms. Jannelle Garcia is currently our Music teacher and will be preparing all meals and snacks.  Ms. Jannelle is currently working on her Early Childhood Education Degree.  Ms. J is enthusiastic, kind, inventive and a wonderful teacher.  She has a way of connecting to students who may be struggling.  This will be her fourth year as part of our faculty!  

Ms. J can be contacted through her email

Ms. Beth Huber is a member of St. Catherine Parish.  She not only runs the Preschool office but also directs the hot lunch program.
   She keeps everything running smoothly.  If you call the office, Beth will probably be the one to greet you!

You can contact Ms. Beth Huber through her   email ehuber@
or through the school office (419) 478-9900

Mrs. Chris Kummer is the director of  St. Catherine Preschool. She holds a Master's Degree in Teaching and Curriculum and a BA in Early Childhood Education from Lourdes University.  She and her family have lived in the St. Catherine area for over 20 years.  Chris is committed to Catholic Education, focusing her Master's thesis on teaching curriculum through essential Catholic values.
You can contact Mrs. Kummer through her   email or through the school office                                 (419)478-9900

Ms .Jessica Winterhalter is an AM and PM extended day teacher.  She is a graduate of Start High School.  She currently is in her Junior year at the University of Toledo pursuing her BA in Education.  Ms. Jessica also has taught during our summer program.  She has three years of experience as an assistant teacher. 

Ms. Brenna Kummer is an AM Extended Day teacher.  She is currently a Senior at the University of Toledo pursuing her BS in Exercise Science with the hopes of becoming a physical therapist.  Ms. Brenna is also an Irish Dance teacher and has 8 years experience working directly with children.  You can also see her at UT football and basketball games as a dancer with the University of Toledo Dancing Rockettes.

Ms. Colleen Kummer is our library volunteer!  Colleen is an eleven year brain cancer survivor!  She is also a graduate of Notre Dame Academy and has taken several college courses in the area of early childhood education.  Colleen has volunteered for the past 6 years and enjoys helping in the classroom and finding "just the right books" to aid in any learning experience.


Click below to download a 2018-2019 School Calendar

We are blessed to be a part of the development of your child!  Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or comments.


Chris Kummer
St. Catherine of Siena Early Childhood Education Center

"Prepare your child for the path not the path for your child."  ~ Unknown

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