January 2017
Recent Developments
The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) is in the process of gathering information for the agency's "Special 301" Report, which catalogues the challenges U.S. companies face in protecting their intellectual property abroad.  FDRA participates in USTR's annual Special 301 process, because the 301 Report is an important tool for the U.S. Government as it works to help American companies protect their IP.  If you have faced challenges in a particular country in protecting your company's IP, or if you have noticed a worsening of certain trends (e.g., certain websites selling an increasing number of fakes), please don't hesitate to contact us at FDRA, so that we can take your company's challenges into account as we work with USTR.  USTR has requested comments for its next Special 301 report by February 9th.

Be sure to join us for our footwear summit May 11, 2017 in Washington, DC. We will have a special panel on footwear intellectual property trends and insights from industry leaders and top design and patent attorneys.


Utility patents issued in the month of December:
Pat. No.             Title                                                                                         Assignee
9,529,011         Flight Time                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
9,526,300         Dually Adjustable, Anchored, Parallel Lacing Technology                                      None
9,526,299         Adjustable Bladder System w/ External Valve- Footwear                            NIKE, Inc.
9,526,298         Footwear with Improved Sole Assembly                                            Salomon S.A.S.
9,526,297         Footwear Sole with Honeycomb Reinforcement Shank                                        Ariat  
9,526,296         Footwear for Athletic and Recreational Activities                                        NIKE, Inc.
9,526,295         Adjustable Shoe                                                                                     Kinbe, LLC
9,526,294         Footwear with Insertable Lighting Assembly                                                      None
9,526,293         Method of Knitting a Knitted Component for Footwear                                NIKE, Inc.
9,523,704         Flight Time                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
9,523,570         Pick-Up Tool with Integrated Light Source                                                NIKE, Inc.
9,521,879         Removable Stud or Cleat Assembly for Footwear                                 Raptor Sports 
9,521,878         Functional Shoe for Automatically Preventing Slip                                               None
9,521,877         Footwear w/ Outsole Bonded to Cushioning & Method                                 NIKE, Inc.
9,521,876         Footwear w/ Similar Appearance, Different Sole Assemb .                           NIKE, Inc.
9,521,875         Footwear with Separable Upper and Sole Structure                                   NIKE, Inc.
9,519,750         Athletic Performance Monitoring Systems and Methods                              NIKE, Inc.
9,518,203         Compound for Improved Traction                                                    PI Extreme, Inc.
9,516,923         Coupling Members for Closure Devices and Systems                   Boa Technology Inc.
9,516,921         Method for Manuf. Inflatable Footwear or Bladders                                        Reebok  
9,516,920         Footwear Structure                                                                                         None
9,516,919         Sole Structure w/ Bladder for Footwear and Method                                  NIKE, Inc.
9,516,918         Sole System Having Movable Protruding Members                                      NIKE, Inc.
9,516,917         Sole System Having Protruding Members                                                   NIKE, Inc.
9,516,916         Footwear with Improved Sole                                                          Salomon S.A.S.
9,516,915         Foot Pad                                                                                                        None
9,516,914         Self-Closing Ventilation Insert & Method for Producing It      IQTEX Patentverwaltunq UG
9,516,913         Motorcycling Boot with Improved Comfort                         Alpinestars Research SRL
9,516,912         Shoe with Removable Magnetic Toe Cap                                                            None
9,514,487         Internal Measurement Collection System & Method                                        Amazon
9,511,975         Ratchet Device for Winding and Blocking a Drawstring                            Mavic S.A.S.
9,511,928         Color Dispensing System for Recreational Gear                                                   None
9,511,260         Athletic Performance Monitoring Systems & Methods                                   NIKE, Inc.
9,510,965         Adjustable Walking Apparatus                                                          Ortho Systems
9,510,776         Shoe Insole Sensor for Walk Diagnosis & Flexible Board                                     None
9,510,648         Lace Joining and Exchanging System                                              Sigrun Schneider
9,510,647         High Heel Shoe                                                                        Thesis Couture, Inc.
9,510,646         Article of Footwear Having Flexible Fluid-Filled Chamber                            NIKE, Inc.
9,510,645         Article of Footwear with Multi-Directional Sole Structure                            NIKE, Inc.
9,510,644         High Foot Mobility Shoe                                                                     Vibram S.P.A.
9,510,643         Sport Orthotics                                                                                               None
9,510,642         Shoe w/ Waterproof & Vapor-Permeable Upper & Sole                            GEOX S.P.A.
9,510,641         Waterproof Boot Assembly                                                                              None
9,510,640         Ventilating Sole Element, Assembly, & Waterproof Shoe                             W. L. Gore
9,510,639         Hockey Skate                                                                           Bauer Hockey, Inc.
9,510,638         Securement Strap for a Sandal                                                            Luna Sandals
9,510,637         Article w/ Knitted Component w/ Zonal Stretch Limiter                                NIKE, Inc.
9,510,636         Article w/ Knitted Component w/ an Integral Knit Tongue                          NIKE, Inc.
9,510,635         Sole Structures & Articles w/ Midsole Member                                           NIKE, Inc.
Patent applications published in the month of December:
Pub. App. No.  Title                                                                                          Applicant
20160379518   Action Detection and Activity Classification                                                NIKE, Inc.
20160379461   Wearable Electronic Device to Provide Injury Response                    Intel Corporation
20160375305   Arrangement and Method for Configuring Equipment                                 Suunto Oy
20160374892   Heel Protector & Rehabilitation Systems & Methods                       Medline Industries 
20160374435   Footwear Component Tooling- Use w/ Microwave Energy                            NIKE, Inc.
20160374434   Support Features for Footwear Ground Engaging Members                           NIKE, Inc.
20160374433   Article with Adjustable Rearward Covering Portion                                       NIKE, Inc.
20160374432   Shoelace Binding Device                                                             Kyoungdo Co.,Ltd.
20160374431   Systems & Methods- Multi-Property Customized Devices                        Adam P. Tow
20160374430   Support for Footwear Ground-Engaging Members                                       NIKE, Inc.
20160374429   Footwear w/ Auxetic Structures w/ Controlled Properties                            NIKE, Inc.
20160374428   Soles for Sport Shoes                                                                               adidas AG
20160374427   Collapsible Shoe Heel                                                                   Zeba Designs LLC
20160374426   Article of Footwear with Flexible Reinforcing Plate                                      NIKE, Inc.
20160374425   Golf Sandal                                                                        Swannies Footwear LLC
20160374417   Heated Outerwear                                                                      E&B Giftware, LLC
20160374171   Method of Illuminating an Article                                                              NIKE, Inc.
20160369989   Shoe with Alert and Health Arrangement                                             Jason Dan Chu
20160369861   Protective Member                                                          Emerson Spalding Phipps
20160367875   System, Method- Shear Thickening Material- Sport Prods .                 Head Technology
20160367855   Action Detection and Activity Classification                                                 NIKE, Inc.
20160367192   Apparatus, Method, System- Measure Insole Deformation                          Misfit, Inc.
20160367191   Sensor Systems for User-Specific Evaluation                                         Sensoria Inc.
20160366986   Footwear Customization Kit                                                                      NIKE, Inc.
20160366985   Footwear Element to be Mounted on Apparatus, Equip ment                 Salomon S.A.S.
20160366984   Medial Rotational Traction Element Arrangement                                         NIKE, Inc.
20160366983   Medial Rotational Traction Element Arrangement                                        NIKE, Inc.
20160366982   Overshoe Footwear Traction Device                                                  Omni Trax, LLC
20160366981   Shoe Retention System                                                           Eugene Murdock, JR.
20160366980   Reinforcement Component for an Article of Footwear                                  NIKE, Inc.
20160366979   Knitted Member for an Article of Footwear                                                 NIKE, Inc.
20160366978   Expandable Support Member for an Article of Footwear                              NIKE, Inc.
20160366977   Sole Assembly w/ Central Support Structure for an Article                          NIKE, Inc.
20160366976   Midsole & Outer Sole Members w/ Auxetic Structure                                   NIKE, Inc.
20160366975   Athletic Shoe with Power Extension                                                    Michael Toschi
20160366974   Shielding Device for Foot Pain And Discomfort                        Gerald Edwin Coleman
20160366973   Shoe Sole Structure of a Cycling Shoe for Bicycles                             Yu-Te Wu; et al.
20160366972   Article Incorporating an Illumination Device                                               NIKE, Inc.
20160365003   System & Method- Tracking Weight & Food Consumption                   Mark Lamoncha
20160364778   Custom Fit Sale of Footwear                                                                      NIKE, Inc.
20160361230   Vibrating Foot Massager                                                                     Sanad Zahrieh
20160361188   Orthopedic Device Providing Metered Toe Traction              Christopher R. Showalter
20160360835   Adjustable Shoelace Fastener and Method of Use                                      Jim Parker
20160360834   Cup-Shaped Shank for Heeled Shoes                                                  ECCO Sko A/S
20160360833   Heatable and Coolable Inserts for Footwear                                               NIKE, Inc.
20160360832   Insulated Sole for Article of Footwear                                                  Ronie Reuben
20160360831   Sole Structures and Articles w/ Fluid-Filled Bladders                                   NIKE, Inc.
20160360830   Shock Absorbing Structure & Shoe to which Applied                        Asics Corporation 
20160360829   Sole System Having Movable Protruding Members                                       NIKE, Inc.
20160360828   Footwear Including Sole Assembly                                             Under Armour, Inc.
20160360827   Insole for Sport Footwear                                                          Correct Motion Inc.
20160360826   Orthotic Device and Method of Use                                                        Neil B. Levin
20160360825   Insoles, Shoes and Production Methods                                                 Sargossa Ltd
20160360824   Running Shoes, Hiking Shoes Boots- Moisture Transfer               Solid Water Holdings
20160360823   Co-Injection Moulded Sports Boot                                                   Rossignol Lange 
20160360822   Method for Enabling Sole to be Separated and Coupled                       Sang Mok Park
20160360804   Clothing System for Water Sports                                               Ronald J. Beltramo
20160360487   System, Method for Wirelessly Up/Downloading  Info                    Under Armour, Inc.
20160354987   Mold Apparatus, Mold System, & Method-Molding Sole                               NIKE, Inc.
20160354224   Material Inclduding Pre-Cut Anatomical Supports                    Applied BioKinetics LLC
20160353844   Footwear Forming Device                                                                         NIKE, Inc.
20160353843   Footwear Ventilation Structures And Methods                                TBL Licensing LLC
20160353842   Shoe with Lacing Storage Pocket                                                              NIKE, Inc.
20160353841   Shoe Provided with a Heel and an Embellishment                      Eric Johannes Meijer
20160353840   Insole and Shoe Comprising a Removable Insole                           TechnoGel GmbH  
20160353839   Shoe Insole                                                                                  Shuji Yamamoto
20160353838   Sole Structure for Shoes                                                           Mizuno Corporation
20160353837   Custom Article of Footwear and Method of Making Same                   Robert M. Lyden
20160353836   Footwear Including Lightweight Sole Structure                            Under Armour, Inc.
20160353835   Torsion Control Bridge for Shoe                                                     Taylor Made Golf  
20160353833   Wrap-Around Wire Support For Shoe                                               Taylor Made Golf 
20160353832   Liquid Impervious Foot Wear                                                     Marcia Phelps; et al.
20160353831   Soft Shell Boots & Moisture Transfer Composites, Liner             Solid Water Holdings
20160353830   Footwear with Interchangeable Bootie System                                           NIKE, Inc.
20160353829   Boot with Instep-Comforting Feature                                                     High Chance  
20160353828   Footwear Having an Embroidery Pattern                                               High Chance  
20160353820   Lightweight Apparel & Technical Alpine Apparel                        Solid Water Holdings
20160353818   Next To Skin Garments Manufactured from Fabric                 George Psipsikas; et al.
20160351771   Athletic Activity Monitoring Device with Energy Capture                              NIKE, Inc.
20160349076   Nanopedometer                                                          Multiservicios Profesionales
20160346964   Method- Manuf. Three-Dimensional Composite Object                                  adidas AG
20160346613   Athletic Activity Monitoring Device with Energy Capture                               NIKE, Inc.
20160345865   System & Method- Real-Time Personnel Fatigue Monitor              Dharma P. Agrawal
20160345683   Shoe Last Extension as an Origin                                                              NIKE, Inc.
20160345682   Shoe Last Extension                                                                                NIKE, Inc.
20160345681   Automated Tensioning System for an Article of Footwear                            NIKE, Inc.
20160345680   Eyelet for Article of Footwear                                                                    NIKE, Inc.
20160345679   Article of Footwear & Method of Assembly of the Article                              NIKE, Inc.
20160345678   Article of Footwear Including Upper Having Mesh Material                     Converse Inc.
20160345677   Braiding Machine & Method of Forming Article                                            NIKE, Inc.
20160345676   Braiding Machine & Method of Forming Article                                            NIKE, Inc.
20160345675   Hybrid Braided Article                                                                              NIKE, Inc.
20160345674   Braided Upper with Multiple Materials                                                        NIKE, Inc.
20160345673   Shoe Constructions Having Upper Assemblies                               Brooks Sports, Inc.
20160345672   Shoe Having Shoehorn Compartment                                                   Edwin F. Neu
20160345671   Sole Plate for an Article of Footwear                                                          NIKE, Inc.
20160345670   Sole Structure w/ Electric. Controllable Damping Element                           NIKE, Inc.
20160345669   Sole Structure w/ Electric. Controllable Damping Element                           NIKE, Inc.
20160345668   Articles & Shoe Soles for Midfoot Impact Region                           Masai International
20160345667   Article Comprising Sole Member w/ Geometric Patterns                              NIKE, Inc.
20160345666   Article Comprising Sole Member w/ Aperture Patterns                                NIKE, Inc.
20160345665   Article of Footwear Comprising Sole Member w/ Apertures                          NIKE, Inc.
20160345664   Article Comprising Sole Member w/ Regional Patterns                                 NIKE, Inc.
20160345663   Footwear Including an Incline Adjuster                                                      NIKE, Inc.
20160345662   Shoe Sole                                                                                          Adriano Rosa
20160345661   Sole Plate for an Article of Footwear                                                          NIKE, Inc.
20160345660   Shoe                                                                                                      High Chance
20160345659   Toe Protection Insert for an Athletic Shoe                                              Mark Sturgis
20160345658   Locking Device for Sports Footwear & Sports Footwear              Tecnica Group S.P.A.
20160345657   Shoe Decoration System                                                                 Karen A. Trotier
20160345656   Free Weight Exercise Shoes                                             Ricardo Mateo Ramirez, II
20160345655   Control Device for an Article of Footwear                                                   NIKE, Inc.
20160345654   Article & Charging System for an Article of Footwear                                  NIKE, Inc.
20160345653   Lockout Feature for a Control Device                                                         NIKE, Inc.
Design patents issued in the month of December:
Pat. No.            Title                                                                                          Assignee
D774,744         Pedicure Sock                                                                                                 None
D774,743         Footwear                                                                                        JCT Design LLC
D774,742         Footwear Upper                                                                                         Wolverine 
D774,741         Shoe Sole                                                                                        Cole Haan LLC
D774,740         Shoe Outsole Bottom                                                                                 Skechers
D774,739         Footwear Sole                                                                              Island Wars, LLC
D774,738         Footwear                                                                                        J. Choo Limited
D774,737         Shoe                                                                                                              None
D774,736         Footwear Upper                                                                                           Deckers
D774,735         Flip Flop                                                                                                         None
D774,654         Sock with Integrated Strap                                                                              None
D774,296         Sock                                                                                     Thirty Three Threads
D774,295         Sock                                                                                                              None
D774,294         Shoe Upper                                                                                                    NIKE
D774,293         Footwear                                                                                    Sorel Corporation
D774,292         Footwear                                                                                    Sorel Corporation
D774,291         Heel for Footwear                                                                        Bettina Vermillon
D774,290         Shoe                                                                                               ECCO SKO A/S
D774,289         Sandal Upper                                                                                   JPG Group LLC
D774,288         Shoe                                                                                                        PUMA SE
D774,287         Shoe                                                                                               ECCO SKO A/S
D774,286         Shoe                                                                                         VALENTINO S.p.A.
D773,798         Sock                                                                                                      NIKE, Inc.
D773,797         Upper Portion of Sock                                                                        St. Antoni LLC
D773,796         Sock Sole                                                                      Thirty Three Threads, Inc.
D773,795         Shoe Upper                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
D773,794         Shoe Upper                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
D773,793         Shoe Upper                                                                                       Converse Inc.
D773,792         Insole                                                                   Reckitt Benckiser (Brands) Ltd.
D773,791         Shoe Midsole Periphery                                                                               Skechers  
D773,790         Shoe Midsole Periphery                                                                             Skechers  
D773,789         Shoe                                                                                        Yves Saint Laurent
D773,172         Sports Band                                                                                               Drymax
D773,171         Portion of a Boot Upper                                                                                   None
D773,170         Portion of a Boot Upper                                                               Dynasty Footwear
D773,169         Portion of a Boot Upper                                                               Dynasty Footwear
D773,168         Shoe Upper                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
D773,167         Shoe Upper                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
D773,166         Shoe Upper                                                                                            NIKE, Inc.
D773,165         Nonskid Pad for Shoes                                                                      Shin Dong Hae 
D773,164         Shoe Outsole                                                                                          NIKE, Inc.
D773,163         Shoe Outsole                                                                                          NIKE, Inc.
D773,162         Golf Shoe Outsole                                                                     Acushnet Company
D773,161         Shoe Midsole Periphery                                                                             Skechers
D773,160         Shoe Sole                                                                                        Cole Haan LLC
D773,159         Shoe Midsole                                                                                          NIKE, Inc.
D773,158         Shoe                                                                                        Yves Saint Laurent
D773,157         Boot                                                                                         Yves Saint Laurent
D773,156         Shoe                                                                                         Yves Saint Laurent
D773,155         Footwear                                                                                 Diadora Sport S.R.L.

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Litigation gavel

Certain Foam Footwear; Commission Determination To Adopt a Report Issued by the Office of Unfair Import Investigations as Its Advisory Opinion , Investigation No. 337-TA-567 (Advisory Opinion Proceeding), 81 FR 94417 (United States International Trade Commission December 23, 2016).  Synopsis:  The United States International Trade Commission issues a final determination finding no violation of Section 337 of the Tariff Act for certain foam footwear based on non-infringement and non-satisfaction of the technical prong of the domestic industry requirement for one patent at issue and invalidity of the other patent at issue due to obviousness.
adidas AG and adidas America, Inc. v. Etonic Holdings, LLC , 2016 TTAB LEXIS 607 (T.T.A.B. December 22, 2016).  Synopsis:  The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board grants adidas' motion for summary judgment, denies Etonic's motion for partial summary judgment, sustains the opposition, and refuses registration of Etonic's design mark in connection with footwear, shoes, and other goods, finding a likelihood of confusion with adidas' "3-Stripes" design mark in connection with footwear and other goods.
Hybrid Athletics, LLC v. Hylete LLC , 2016 TTAB LEXIS 588 (T.T.A.B. December 15, 2016).  Synopsis:  The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board sustains Hybrid Athletics' opposition, finding that Hylete's use of its H & Design trademark in connection with footwear and apparel is likely to cause confusion with Hybrid Athletic's H & Design trademark in connection with conducting fitness classes, health club services, personal fitness training services, and physical fitness instruction, and Hybrid Athletics' common law rights in connection with apparel
In re Morell , 2016 TTAB LEXIS 595 (T.T.A.B. December 8, 2016).  Synopsis:  The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board affirms the Examining Attorney's refusal to register Morell's LOOPER trademark in connection with footwear, shoes, and apparel, finding that it creates a likelihood of confusion with the prior registration for LOOPER in connection with leather goods.
In re Basicxx Worldwide LLC , 2016 TTAB LEXIS 586 (T.T.A.B. December 8, 2016).  Synopsis:  The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board affirms the Examining Attorney's refusal to register Basicxx's KNIGHTS BRIDGE POLO CLUB & Design trademark in connection with footwear and apparel, finding that it creates a likelihood of confusion with the prior registrations for KNIGHTS BRIDGE in connection with shirts, slacks, and sweaters and KNIGHTSBRIDGE in connection with men's clothing and slacks.
Crocs, Inc. v. CVS Health Corporation and CVS Pharmacy, Inc. , 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 167696 (S.D. Fla. December 2, 2016).  Synopsis:  A federal court grants Croc's motion for voluntary dismissal without prejudice in a patent infringement action relating to the manufacture of footwear.
Deckers Outdoor Corporation v. Romeo & Juliette, Inc.; et al. , 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 166153 (C.D. Cal. December 1, 2016).  Synopsis:  A federal court adopts Deckers's claim construction for four patents in a patent infringement claim concerning Deckers's UGG boots and Romeo & Juliette's footwear, does not defer to the previous judge's prior claim construction, determines Romeo & Juliette's counterclaim for non-infringement is not moot, and determines that Decker's patents are not invalid for indefiniteness.

General News Newspaper

There's Already a Challenge to the 'LA Chargers' Trademark - and It's Not From the Dodgers
Voice of San Diego
January 12, 2017
David Lizerbram
The Chargers announced Thursday morning that the team will move to L.A. - but they made moves to trademark the phrases LA Chargers and Los Angeles Chargers a year ago.
The Chargers Football Company LLC (the company that owns the football team) filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register "LA Chargers" and "Los Angeles Chargers" as trademarks in connection with a variety of goods and services, including merchandise such as toys and apparel, and, of course, "professional football games and exhibitions."
Unfortunately for the team, its "LA Chargers" trademark application ran into an issue. On Dec. 20, LA Gear, the '80s-era athletic apparel company, filed a Notice of Opposition with the Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board related to the apparel portion of the "LA Chargers" application, on the grounds that it conflicts with LA Gear's trademarks, and is likely to cause consumer confusion as to the source of the goods.

ZeroTie Comes Out With a New Self-Lacing Shoe
Footwear News
January 5, 2017
Barbara Schneider-Levy
Still can't tie your shoes without bunny ears? No worries. There's ZeroTie, a new line of footwear based on a self-lacing system that allows wearers to adjust the laces without using their hands.
Launched by Minneapolis-based Victory Enterprises, which owns the trademark and global license for the patented technology, the system allows shoes to tighten around the foot completely hands-free. There's no need to bend over at all: It uses the weight of one's leg and slight movement of the foot to tighten the laces. The shoes can also aid individuals with dexterity issues more easily adjust their footwear.
The ZeroTie system is a self-contained mechanism built into the heel of a shoe. Simply place your foot in the shoe, engage the wheel on the floor, then draw your foot back to the desired comfort. Loosening the laces is done by pressing down on the lever on the back of the shoe with the other foot and then stepping out.
ZeroTie soft-launched online in late 2016 with a series of men's athleisure looks retailing for $125. A collection of women's styles, retailing for $80-$120 and kids' looks at $40-$70, will be added for summer delivery. According to co-owner Victoria Staten, the line will be expanded to include a wide range of performance and lifestyle looks.

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