Utility patents issued in the months of May - July:
Pat. No.              Title                                                                       Assignee
9,662,242          Shoe w/ Custom Molded Foot Plate and Method           None
9,661,899          Apparatus, Method- Applying Impregnating Agent       Imbox Shoecare A/S
9,661,898          Sole Structure with Visual Effects                                  NIKE, Inc.
9,661,897          Cowboy Boots w/ Interchangeable Inlay                        Dusty Rocker Boots, LLC
9,661,896          Shoe with Elastically Flexible Extension                        Ampla LLC
9,661,895          Nozzle Shoe                                                                    None
9,661,894          Systems, Methods- Storing & Analyzing Golf Data      NIKE, Inc.
9,661,893          Article w/ Internal and External Midsole Structure         NIKE, Inc.
9,661,892          Article w/ Upper with a Shifted Knit Structure               NIKE, Inc.
9,657,420          Sheared Wool Weaving Method                                     Deckers Outdoor Corporation
9,656,475          Additive Color Printing                                                  NIKE, Inc.
9,656,153          Skate Boot with Monocoque Body                                 VH Footwear Inc.
9,655,763          Mobilizing Musculoskeletal Structures                           None
9,655,408          Charm Attachment for a Shoe Heel                                None
9,655,407          Multilayered Textile Material in Shoes                           adidas AG
9,655,406          Article Having an Adjustable Heel System                    NIKE, Inc.
9,655,404          Contoured Insoles for Footwear                                     Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.
9,655,403          Outsole w/ Stepped Projections for Article                     NIKE, Inc.
9,655,402          Electronically Controlled Bladder Assembly                  NIKE, Inc.
9,655,401          Polymer Shoe                                                                 Arthur Joseph for Surell, LLC.
9,655,400          Adjustable Forefoot Posting for Orthotic                       None
9,652,101          Two-Dimensional Sensor Arrays                                   BeBop Sensors, Inc.
9,649,532          Golf Club Including an Electronic Module                     NIKE, Inc.
9,648,926          Footwear Recommendations from Foot Scan Data         None
9,648,925          Footwear Devices                                                           None
9,648,924          Articulated Sole w/ Sipes Forming Hexagonal Sole       NIKE, Inc.
9,648,923          Mold, Method- Heterogeneous Composite Sole             Dah Lih Puh Co., Ltd.
9,648,922          Skate and Method of Manufacture                                  Sport Maska Inc.
9,648,921          Reconfigurable Shoe                                                       None
9,647,577          Power Collector Structure and Method                           Murata Electronics OY
9,646,510          Ice-Skate Instructional Kit                                              None
9,645,165          Sports Electronic Training System with Sport Ball        adidas International Marketing  
9,644,093          Thermoplastic Polymer Composition, Shoes, Soles       Kuraray Co., Ltd.
9,643,091          Personal Items Network, and Associated Methods        Apple Inc.
9,643,075          Power-Automated Traction for Skis                               None
9,642,419          Shoelace Securing Apparatus                                         None
9,642,418          Shoe Lace Fastener and System                                      None
9,642,417          Lace-Tying System                                                         NIKE, Inc.
9,642,416          Polyurethane Injected Boot Assembly & Method           LaCrosse Footwear
9,642,415          Systems, Methods- Monitoring Athletic Performance    New Balance Athletics, Inc.
9,642,414          Footwear                                                                          The Diabetic Boot Company
9,642,413          Article of Footwear w/ a Knitted Component                 NIKE, Inc.
9,642,398          Wearable Connector for an Electronic Textile                 TE Connectivity Corporation
9,637,847          Shoe Upper and Method for Knitting Shoe Upper         Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd.
9,635,908          Automated Trimming of Pliable Items                            NIKE, Inc.
9,635,907          System & Method- Printing Customized Graphics         Pics on Kicks, LLC
9,635,906          Shoelace Winding Device                                               Japana Co., Ltd.
9,635,905          Upper w/ Bonded Differentially-Oriented Strips            NIKE, Inc.
9,635,904          Insoles for Footwear                                                       Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.
9,635,903          Sole Structure having Auxetic Structures and Sipes       NIKE, Inc.
9,635,902          Safety Footwear                                                              TBL Licensing LLC
9,635,900          Shoe Glove                                                                     None
9,635,899          Sandal Strap Arrangement and Tensioning System        None
9,635,897          Cushion Items with Flexible Contouring                        Backjoy Orthotics, LLC
9,691,176           Method, System Forming Virtual Model of Human       Techmed 3D Inc.
9,688,876           Substrates & Articles Coated w/ Waterborne 2K            PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.
9,687,047           Suicide Prevention Laces                                                U-LACE, LLC
9,687,046           Reversable Strap for an Article of Footwear                   Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.
9,687,045           Article of Footwear w/ Upper w/ Inflation System         Reebok International Limited
9,687,044           Footwear w/ Sole Structure w/ Fluid-Filled Chamber     NIKE, Inc.
9,687,043           Shoe Sole Simulating a Hoof                                          Kenney Sport, LLC
9,687,042           Article of Footwear with a Midsole Structure                 NIKE, Inc.
9,687,041           Composite Shoe Sole, Footwear, and Method                W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH
9,687,040           Footwear w/ Air Permeable Layer, Portion                     W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH; 
9,687,039           Graphical Element Laminate for Forming Skate Boot    Sport Maska Inc.
9,686,745           System/Method for Wirelessly Up/Downloading Info   Under Armour, Inc.
9,682,522           Low Density Foamed Article Made by Bead Foam        NIKE, Inc.
9,682,512           Methods of Joining Textiles & Other Elements              NIKE, Inc.
9,681,709           Two-Dimensional Shoe Manufacturing                          adidas AG
9,681,708           Article of footwear having Upper w/ a Matrix Layer      NIKE, Inc.
9,681,707           Method for Securing Studded Shoes Using Inertia         None
9,681,706           Footwear Incorp. Angled Tensile Strand Elements         NIKE, Inc.
9,681,705           Failure Compensating Lace Tension Device, Method     Boa Technology Inc.
9,681,704           Footwear Incorporating a Knitted Component                NIKE, Inc.
9,681,703           Footwear with Flexible Auxetic Sole Structure               NIKE, Inc.
9,681,702           Footwear with Elongated Cleats                                      NIKE, Inc.
9,681,701           Outsoles having Grooves Forming Discrete Lugs          NIKE, Inc.
9,681,700           Footwear w/ Bladder & Method of Manufacturing         NIKE, Inc.
9,681,696           Helmet and/or Helmet Liner w/ Electronic Control         None
9,679,052           Electronic Device, Signal Processing Playback               Sony Corporation; et al.
9,677,928           Method, Device and System for Fitness Tracking          None
9,675,490           Ankle Supports                                                               POD GLOBAL IP PTY LTD
9,675,140           System for Shoe Sole Portion Painting                           NIKE, Inc.
9,675,138           Sports Footwear                                                              Alpinestars Research SRL
9,675,137           Elastic Coreless Rope Belt                                              None
9,675,136           Customizable Footwear                                                   Amazing Love, LLC
9,675,135           Reconfigurable Apparel Manufacture & Processes         Code Footwear, LLC
9,675,134           Footwear, and Knitting Method for Knit Fabric             SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.
9,675,133           Reinforcing Shank Arrangement for Sole Structure        NIKE, Inc.
9,675,132           Shoe with Collapsible Heel                                             NIKE, Inc.
9,675,131           Metatarsal Guards for Footwear                                     Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.
9,675,130           Shoe and Method for Manufacturing Thereof                 ASICS Corporation
D788,445           Decorative Wrap                                                             None
9,673,864           Wireless Hierarchical Heterogeneous Pico-Net               IPCOMM
9,668,546           Shoe Sole Portion Painting System                                 NIKE, Inc.
9,668,545           Conditionally Visible Bite Lines for Footwear                NIKE, Inc.
9,668,544           Last System for Articles with Braided Components       NIKE, Inc.
9,668,543           Footwear Component for an Article of Footwear           NIKE, Inc.
9,668,542           Sole Structure Including Sipes                                        NIKE, Inc.
9,668,541        Footwear, Sole and Pump Arrangement, and Method    Cedar Technologies Int. 
9,668,540           Footwear having a Flex-Spring Sole                               Chinook Asia LLC
9,668,539           Footwear with Sole Protection                                        None
9,668,538           System and Method for Coloring Articles                      NIKE, Inc.
9,668,537           Orthotic Insole for Footwear w/ Attachable Insert          Ideal Living Ventures Limited
9,668,536           Shoe                                                                                adidas AG
9,668,535           Skate Boot with Monocoque Body                                 VH Footwear Inc.
9,668,534           Footwear                                                                         SALOMON S.A.S.
9,668,533           Footwear having Upper Incorp. Knitted Component      NIKE, Inc.
9,668,530           Resilient Prominence Fabric & Articles                           None
9,716,419           Foot-Powered Energy Generator                                     Sole Power
9,714,652           Article of Footwear and Pump Unit                                 Reebok International Limited
9,714,076           Rowing Shoe Retaining System                                      G Clip Corporation
9,713,364           Foot Habiliment w/ Easily Interchangeable Outer            None
9,713,363           Upper w/ Forefoot Tensile Strand Elements                    NIKE, Inc.
9,713,362           Footwear w/ Upper w/ Member w/ Support Arm           NIKE, Inc.
9,713,361           Bottom-Down Last for 3D Forming                                NIKE, Inc.
9,713,360           Remov. Exercise Attachment Device for Footwear         None
9,713,359           Shoe Body with Arch Suspended Support                      Yu Hsieh Industrial Co.
9,713,358           Footwear with Two Tongues                                           NIKE, Inc.
9,713,357           Asymmetric Shoes                                                           Taylor Made Golf Company
9,713,356           Golf Shoe Outsoles                                                         Taylor Made Golf Company
D792,076           Removable Stick on Golf Cleats for Footwear                None
9,711,026           Footwear Arrangement w/ Battery & Anti-Theft             None
9,709,971           Footwear Elements Controlled by Cloud System            None
9,707,727           Adhesive Particulate on Nonmetallic Substrates              NIKE, Inc.
9,707,119           Foot Support Article                                                        Under Armour, Inc.
9,706,815           Paint Fixture for Shoe Portions                                       NIKE, Inc.
9,706,814           Closure Devices Including Release Mechanisms             Boa Technology Inc.
9,706,813           Shoe with Lacing Storage Pocket                                    NIKE, Inc.
9,706,812           Footwear Lacing System and Related Methods               Saucony, Inc.
9,706,811           Footwear Incorporating Floating Tensile Strands            NIKE, Inc.
9,706,810           Spacer Textile Material with Channels                             NIKE, Inc.
9,706,809           Flex Groove Sole Assembly w/ Biasing Structure          NIKE, Inc.
9,706,803           Wearable Light Unit w/ Multiple LEDs, Material            None
9,701,025           Pick-Up Tool with Integrated Light Source                     NIKE, Inc.
9,700,107           Fastening Structure                                                          None
9,700,104           Method - Measuring Inside Dimensions of Shoes          None
9,700,103           Cleated Footwear with Flexible Cleats                             NIKE, Inc.
9,700,102           Clasp and System                                                            Tech Spark Innovations
9,700,101           Guides & Components for Closure Systems                   Boa Technology Inc.
9,700,100           Strand-Wound Bladder                                                    NIKE, Inc.
9,700,099           Footwear Article                                                              None
9,700,098           Footwear with Power Kick Plate                                     NIKE, Inc.
9,700,097           Clasp and System                                                            Tech Spark Innovations
9,696,228           Sensor & Method - Measuring Forces on Object            Great Lakes Neurotechnologies
9,695,548           Methods Employing Raised Transfers                             Very Dennison Retail Info
9,694,241           Action Detection and Activity Classification                   NIKE, Inc.
9,693,927           Device & Methods of Treating Neuro. Disorders            APOS--Medical & Sports Tech
9,693,605           Footwear w/ Motorized Adjustment System                   NIKE, Inc.
9,693,604           Footwear with Inner and Outer Midsole Layers              NIKE, Inc.
9,693,602           High Heel Foot Wear Pad & Methods                       Orthosole Limited, A Guernsey Ltd.
9,693,601           Footwear with Zoned Insulation                                 Cabela's Incorporated
9,693,600           Goalie Skate Boot Body w/Blade Mount. Channel    VH Footwear Inc.
9,693,599           Motorcycle Boot                                                         Fox Head, Inc.
9,693,598           Shoe System with Interchangeable Uppers                None
9,693,597           Shoe with Sound and Light Device                            Terry Electronics (S.Z) Co.

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