Retail Spotlight: Brick-and-Mortar 
Why Brick-and-Mortar Retail Will Survive
Investopedia Inc. has been dominating the retail scene. Think of Amazon as asteamroller that demolishes everything in its path. And "everything in its path" refers to brick-and-mortar retailers. Here's a short list of brick-and-mortar retailers that have taken big hits due to Amazon's growth: Macy's, Inc., Kohl's Corp., JC Penney Company, Inc. and Sears Holdings Corp. The list goes on and on. Many of these brick-and-mortar retailers are closing under performing stores in order to cut costs and aim for profitability.

Google Tries to Better Connect
Brick-and-Mortar to Digital
Express News

Google is releasing new advertising products and services to take advantage of the way people use their smartphones to search for items, then often buy in nearby stores rather than online.

Google said it now handles trillions of searches a year, with more than half coming from mobile devices. About one-third of its searches on mobile are location-specific. The new products, which include more detailed text advertisements, additions to Google Maps and new ways to buy ads, were announced Tuesday by the Alphabet Inc. subsidiary at the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco.

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FDRA Weekly Footwear Sales Snapshot 
Over 11,000 Stores Reporting Weekly Sales Data to FDRA

FDRA is the only association able to deliver weekly sales numbers to its members - providing a snapshot of footwear marketplace metrics in real time. NOW WITH eCOMMERCE NUMBERS! 

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FDRA's National Shoe Sales Report 
The most up-to-date retail data and analysis of nationwide
brick-and-mortar independents, e-commerce, and mass retail sales  

This report breaks down the data so you can look at charts showing sales in shoe stores and then see ALL footwear sales from all retailers (big box, online, and shoe stores).

Brief excerpt: Starting from a broader perspective, growth in overall retail demand accelerated to grow a year-over-year 3.0% last month, the second-fastest expansion in fifteen months.  The US Census Bureau is reporting last month's gain in overall retail sales & food services was driven primarily by sales at non-store retailers (up 10.2%), home improvement stores (+8.2%), and health and personal care stores (up 8.1%).  Gasoline station sales sank again (off -9.4%) as did deparment stores (-1.7%), partially offsetting overall growth gained from most other retail sectors. Meanwhile sales at US shoe stores...

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FDRA's Total Canadian Footwear Store Sales YTD 
This special report includes the latest retail sales data from Statistics Canada
(reporting March numbers for footwear) as well as FDRA analysis and charts.
Brief excerpt: Starting from a broader perspective, growth in overall seasonally-adjusted retail demand grew a year-over-year 3.2% in this latest month, slower than in January or February but comparable to the five-year average. 
The increase is broad-based across geography and retail sector, with sales in eleven of thirteen provinces expanding and nine of eleven sectors expanding from a year earlier.  Overall retail sales again were driven primarily by sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers (up 10.3%), followed by sales at building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers (+7.6%).  The persistent stall in gasoline station sales (off -11.5%, owing to lower yr/yr gas prices) and electronics and appliance stores (-4.3%) partially offset growth rates witnessed in other retail sectors (chart 1). Meanwhile sales a Canadian shoe stores...  
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How a Leading Footwear Manufacturer Increased Sales and Market Share Through Marketing Mix Modeling 
Shoe buyers, even savvy ones, can be fickle. A popular shoe today may see its shine fade a year from now. Footwear manufacturers grapple with this all the time. There are times however, when their diagnosis- "fickle shoe buyer"- is not quite right. Advertising is a piece of the puzzle too. And so are pricing, distribution, and other marketing levers.

Identifying which levers to pull (and how hard, and in what order) is a difficult job. Our clients want to know why they made the right choices. Andy why they made the wrong ones.

Just last year, a leading footwear manufacturer client sought to help understanding the reasons for a cornerstone shoe's year-over-year sales.

Lifestyle Sneakers on the Rise 
Sneakernomics: Trouble in Performance Sneakers 
Forbes, Written by Matt Powell, Sports Industry Analysis, The NPD Group 
These are interesting times in the athletic shoe business. In all the years I've been researching the industry, I've never seen a time like this.

There is not a single, major performance shoe category that is experiencing growth right now, yet sales remain solid - up in the mid-single digits for the year so far.

Sports, like any retail business, is a fashion business. While sneaker sales have shown steady growth for more than a decade, there has been tremendous turmoil at the category level, and the speed of change is accelerating.

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2016 Mold Season Arrives Early
We know first-hand from our travels to Asia this past March that the rainy season has arrived early this year. Mold cleaning continues to be one of the top issues at NuShoe and we have already begun treating purchase orders arriving for this spring/summer selling season. Brands and factories should both review their QA programs and embed mold prevention steps into their QA processes. Brands cannot accept even the smallest amount of mold because as we know air-borne contaminates from the factory environment may have impacted the whole container.

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Footwear Retailer Monthly Call 
Friday, June 24th at 2p.m. EST

Each call will cover latest footwear sales data from FDRA's sales survey and from its monthly analysis of shoe store data. We will also discuss and analyze U.S. and global economic issues and commodity prices that impact your costs and sales. There will also be ample time for call participants to discuss trends they are seeing in the marketplace. This call is for FDRA members-only.