For 2022: A New Project in Haiti, and
Our Hope For A Successful New Year
Our Haiti Country Team is hard at work equipping and training new Water Women.
Next stop: Petit Trou de Nippes.
Moving On From A Successful Mission In La Gonâve

2021 was a terrible year for Haiti. A catastrophic earthquake, devastating tropical storms and flooding, political violence, gang kidnappings and killings – all in a small country covering half of an island.

But one ray of hope came from the Water With Blessings Community for Mission: more than 11,000 new Water Women are providing clean water to their own and three surrounding families. Your gifts have saved lives.

Now we have a new project for the New Year.
“In early December we finished 100% of the mission in La Gonâve, and we were working with a Episcopal priest, Fr. Jean Brunel, whose parish is in Petit Trou de Nippes,” said Gerry Delaquis, the WWB Country Coordinator for Haiti. “He told us of the great need for clean water, and asked if there were any way we could be involved there. Our team met with him several times and we will start on January 10. We plan to train 3,000 new Water Women there.”
While it is still extremely dangerous in many parts of Haiti, Petit Trou de Nippes is in an area Gerry classifies as ‘yellow passage’ as opposed to areas that are ‘red.’

“We still have to keep close track of activity in the area, from time to time kidnappings can happen,” Gerry said. “But there aren’t the random killings that are going on elsewhere. That helped us make the selection. It’s an area that can use a lot of help.

“Meeting the priest was an important first step. Every time we go into a new area, we need a collaborator we can work with, someone who can do the preliminary legwork for us: find people to participate, announce what the program is all about.

“We don’t have the full funding yet, but we have about two-thirds of what we need in the pipeline in terms of materials. We have filters on order and some on the way to Haiti from Miami. Our plan is to be able to train 450 new Water Women each week.”

And Gerry has a special message to the Water With Blessings Community:

“From the people of Haiti, and from myself, I thank you for the support of this program. You are making a real, important difference in the lives of these people. Despite all the challenges, you have helped so many people in Haiti.

“May God bless all of you with a New Year of Peace and Love!”
A New Year's Greeting From Sr. Larraine
2021 was devastating for Haiti, our partners across the world kept expanding their work, and there were many new opportunities to provide clean water for God’s thirsty children.

And you were with us every step of the way.

Water With Blessings had one of its best fund raising years ever. While receiving enough in donations to train and equip thousands of new Water Women, we conducted our first capital campaign, enabling us to pay off the mortgage for our new office and warehouse space. That means that we no longer pay rent and can spend that money on our mission.

Over the next few weeks, we will assemble our Annual Report for 2021 and share it with all of you. We know it will be filled with good news.

But that good news was made possible only through your generosity. We thank you once again for being part of our Community for Mission.

Today we have only one more request: please help us continue to grow by passing this newsletter on to your family and friends. We have so many new subscribers, but we need more if we are going to respond to the opportunities God is giving us.

Blessings for a wonderful (and healthy) New Year!

Sr. Larraine Lauter OSU
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