Thank You For Coaching...

Fall Baseball can be one of the most productive times of the year for a team...

Why play as a team for fall ball?

We Develop Players...
We Don't Steal them.

 The Fall program is intended as an opportunity to prepare your team for the Spring and Summer of the 2020 season. In many cases players will move to a larger sized diamond, with some rule changes in affect. The Fall League is a preparatory and instructional time with the focus being on player development. 

  Whether you have a full team of returning players, a mix of returners and new players, or a brand new team, the Strike Zone Fall Baseball program is the next step in your off season training.  

Here are just a few scenarios to consider when mapping out your off season following your tryout and selection process.
1.) You have a full team of returning players.  You know what your weaknesses were in 2019.  You want to have some guys try new positions or focus on a new approach at the plate.  By playing  more games this year, you can get players accustomed to new positions and a new approach.

2.) You have a mix of returning guys and new guys.  You know you want to use your returning players as the core of your team, but need to figure how the new guys are going to fit into your philosophy.  Ten games this fall will help new players mesh with the old and help move them towards playing as a team.

3.) You have a brand new team, most of the players have never played together nor have they played for you.  You saw them all at tryouts, but now you have to figure who's capable of what and how the players can best help the team.  Fall baseball gives you a chance to see the players at different positions and will also give you some insight towards what you need to focus on for off season workouts.

The road to a 2020 State Championship Starts with  Strike Zone Fall Baseball 2019