January 7, 2021
Fr. Donavan is taking his Theology/Caffiene on Tap ONLINE, on Thursday, January 21st!
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If we can't meet up at Player's Grille for a nice cold beverage and a healthy discussion of faith, the Bible, and the twists and turns of God in the wild world of today, why not get together ONLINE! Fr. Donavan is inviting YOU to pop a bottle, pour your own pint glass, or pipe up a nice cup of coffee or tea at home, and join him for our first ever THEOLOGY ON TAP ONLINE via Zoom on Thursday, January 21st, at 7pm! If you'd be interested in joining the Zoom event, you can RSVP right now through our SurveyMonkey RSVP page here. RSVP and Fr. D+ will send you the Zoom invite before January 21st! And even if you're not sure you'll be free to join, you can still RSVP, get the invite, and just join in if you can! So have drink, and bring your questions and thoughts on faith to Fr. D via Zoom! Right on!
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Children's Chapel!

Children ages 4-9 are invited to come and participate in Children's Chapel while their parents worship inside the church every Sunday during the 10am service! 

Ms. Hillary will have a special lesson, followed by crafts and activities, for the full hour of the church worship service, with social distancing and face masks! 

And there are NOW UP TO 18 spaces available each and every Sunday!  

All you need to do is RSVP Hillary Citrano if you'd like your child/children to attend. PLEASE RSVP BY 12PM ON SATURDAY TO ENSURE THERE ARE ENOUGH CRAFT MATERIALS FOR ALL THE CHILDREN!

At 9:50am each Sunday, the doors will open to the Parish Hall and children will have their temperature checked at the door before entering. There will be NO SNACKS, so please be sure you're not dropping off a hungry little saint.

This is a wonderful opportunity to safely get your entire family back into prayer & worship at All Saints on Sunday morning! All you need to do is 
in the Church at 8 & 10am or online LIVE at 10am
All Saints is now open for Holy Eucharist inside the church on Sunday mornings at 8AM AND 10AM. And EVERYONE still has the opportunity to worship TOGETHER every Sunday at 10am through Live Streaming on the 

For all services inside the church, All Saints continues to limit seating availability, to keep hand sanitizing stations in place at the main entrance and at the southside handicap-accessible entrance to the church, to make available full text bulletins to avoid use of Prayer Books, to provide music from the choir loft only, to keep offering plates stationary at each entrance, to allow the main entrance doors to the church to be open at all times, and to require masks. We also request that, other than immediate family, everyone maintain proper social distancing with their neighbors inside the church and on the church campus. Holy Communion is offered each Sunday in one kind (bread), and the clergy are working hard to ensure that communion is given safely to those who want to receive it. Finally, the church is wiped down between the two services every Sunday. 

Please remember, if you are over 65 or in anyway sick, or if you are immunocompromised by a long-term illness or medication, YOU SHOULD STAY HOME ON SUNDAYS AT THIS TIME AND WORSHIP ONLINE.

One way or the other, either in person wearing a mask or "virtually" through the computer screen, we hope you will worship and pray with us
this Sunday at All Saints!
'Wonderful Wednesdays' with C.R.E.W.
for 6th-8th graders!
The CREW recently wrote "Letters of Gratitude" to those whose names are on the All Saints Parish List to let them know they have a few new "prayer warriors" praying for them!
The All Saints CREW kids, in grades 6 - 8, are invited to come and gather for a safe, socially distanced, & fun EVERY WEDNESDAY from 6-7pm.  

We are only gathering in the Parish Hall or outside in the courtyard until further notice. Everyone's temperatures will be taken outside the Parish Hall door before entering and parents are asked to follow the CDC guidelines regarding child/youth assessment. Youth will not be asked to wear a mask the entire time, however, they do need to bring one for any "quiet conversation" time during our time together. The same rule applies to all adults, as well. And whenever we are closer than 6 feet, the mask will be worn at all times. Individual snacks will be given. Youth will need to bring their own water bottle. 

Our number one concern is being mindful about everyone's safety while still being able to allow the youth to gather and receive Christ-centered lessons in positive and fun ways! With all the many things going on in our world, in our country, and in everyone's hearts and minds, our hope is to facilitate a safe space that will allow our youth to get nourishment from activities, discussions, prayer and from being with each other. 

If you are interested in your middle school youth attending CREW, don't hesitate to contact Hillary Citrano with any questions or concerns. Please RSVP Hillary HERE. 
Parents of our already signed up CREW KIDZ be on the lookout for an email with more details.

May we all come together safely and lovingly as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Wednesday Holy Eucharist for those OVER 65 or Immunocompromised is back!
Because people over the age of 65 and people who are immunocompromised have the greatest chance of contracting COVID-19, All Saints is offering a worship service with more space for social distancing for those people only. This special Holy Eucharist is now every Wednesday at 9:30am! 

We hope this special Eucharist provides the safest possible option for All Saints parishioners who are not yet comfortable coming to church on Sunday, but would still like the opportunity to receive Holy Communion from a priest with gloves and a mask. All rules and guidelines for Sunday's still apply to anyone who comes inside the church, but we hope this will make that even easier and provide more space for sitting inside the church at a wider, safer distance from others. If you have more questions, simply call the church or email Fr. Donavan here.
Bible Study! Every Wednesday after the 9:30
Holy Eucharist inside the church!
So many of our Thursday Bible Study attendees have been looking for a way to continue the chance to read and discuss the Bible safely in these uncertain times. With the reopening of the church for worship services, Fr. Donavan and Deacon Mark are now connecting our regular Thursday Bible Study to the Wednesday morning Holy Eucharist service for those over 65 and with immunocompromised conditions. This is allowing those who come into the church for Wednesday worship to STAY in their seats immediately after the service for the Bible Study.

Deacon Mark begins the Wednesday Bible Study every week at 10:15am, so please plan on bringing your Bible with you to the church this Wednesday to join the discussion! And if you know someone who might not be receiving the newsletter, please pass along the good news so they can join in the Bible Study, as well!  
Sermons are available
now online!
Want to hear or listen again to the sermons by Fr. Donavan, Mtr. Lisa, or Deacon Mark? Are you trying to convince a friend to visit and want to send them a sermon so they know what they're in for? Well, you are in luck! All of our sermons are now online! 

Check out all our sermons here now, or subscribe to 'Sunday Sermons at All Saints' on your favorite Podcast app!
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