JUNE 10, 2021
Men of All Saints (MOAS) is coming out of the long COVID hibernation to meet again next Monday night, June 14th! EVERY man who comes to All Saints is welcome. Just bring something for the grill, and we will provide the fixin’s. We will also provide a frosty community beverage, but please feel free to bring your own option, if your tastes are a little more refined. We will talk about upcoming events that we will contribute to the re-opening of the church this summer and into the fall. Don't miss it!
Join us for Donuts and Coffee in the Courtyard

THIS SUNDAY, the Men's Breakfast Committee will be serving individually packaged donuts and fresh, hot coffee in the courtyard, between the church and the Parish Hall, starting at 9am! It's not exactly the full breakfast buffet All Saints was known for prior to the pandemic, but it's our first step back in that direction, offering donuts safely outdoors with plenty of space for social distancing! And following the 10am service, the coffee will be refreshed for a "Coffee Hour" for anyone who'd like to gather in the courtyard and catch up with friends at church!
So, start planning to arrive at church a little early again or staying a little late on Sunday mornings for "Donuts and Coffee in the Courtyard" at All Saints!
Phase 2 removal of COVID restrictions & COMMUNION WINE offered again on Sunday mornings at All Saints
On Pentecost Sunday, All Saints moved into Phase 2 of our removal of COVID restrictions inside the church. Following the direction of the CDC and the state of Florida, with the approval of the Bishop, masks are now optional for wearing inside the church on Sunday mornings and at all other worship services. We will continue to ENCOURAGE the wearing of masks inside the church, especially for anyone who has not yet been vaccinated or has an immunocompromised condition, and for the time being, Fr. Donavan will continue to wear a mask when distributing Holy Communion.

All Saints has also removed social distancing ribbons from all pews in the front of the church. This is to encourage anyone who has been fully vaccinated to use the open pews, while allowing for more space in socially distanced pews at the middle and the back of the church. For the time being, ribbons will remain for social distancing seating in those seating areas.

Finally, on Pentecost Sunday, Fr. Donavan made COMMUNION WINE available to anyone who felt safe receiving it. Consecrated wine will continue to be offered in small silver chalices for intinction (dipping) only. Two Eucharistic ministers will be stationed at each side of the steps leading up to the altar to allow anyone who'd like to dip the consecrated host into the chalice after Fr. Donavan or another clergy person has placed it in their hands.

Receiving the communion wine is completely optional, as it was before the pandemic. No one who feels uncertain or unsafe should feel obligated to receive Holy Communion in both kinds (both bread and wine). Our Lord Jesus Christ can be received FULLY in the consecrated bread alone during Holy Communion.
ATTENTION: Parents of Middle-Schoolers!
Sign your youth up for All Saints' C.R.E.W. Youth Group THIS SUMMER!
All Saints CREW Beach Retreat 2021!
And don't forget, your middle school age All Saints youth can join in with the CREW right now!

Every Wednesday evening from 6:00-7:00 pm, our middle school youth gather for meaningful conversation, fellowship, service projects, and off-campus fun activities.
If you're interested in receiving information or joining the next "Summer Fun" CREW event, contact Hillary Citrano right now at
Thank you all for your generous blanket donations during the month of January and February! We are back to collecting food for UCOM and they are in desperate need of breakfast foods and canned goods! You are more than welcome to donate almost any food item. Please place all food in the Outreach Barrel just inside the front entrance of the church for our Outreach Committee to pick up and deliver.
Thank you for helping to feed those who are hungry in our community!
Bible Study! Every Wednesday after the 9:30
Holy Eucharist inside the church!
So many of our Thursday Bible Study attendees have been looking for a way to continue the chance to read and discuss the Bible safely in these uncertain times. With the reopening of the church for worship services, Deacon Mark is now connecting our regular Thursday Bible Study to the Wednesday morning Holy Eucharist service for those over 65 and with immunocompromised conditions. This is allowing those who come into the church for Wednesday worship to STAY in their seats immediately after the service for the Bible Study. Deacon Mark begins the Wednesday Bible Study every week around 10:15am, so please plan on bringing your Bible with you to the church this Wednesday to join the discussion! And if you know someone who might not be receiving the newsletter, please pass along the good news so they can join in the Bible Study, as well!  
All sermons are available
NOW online!
Want to hear or listen again to Fr. Donavan's Maundy Thursday, Good Friday (skeleton bracelet!), or Easter Sunday sermons? They are online! Are you trying to convince a friend to visit and want to send them a sermon so they know what they're in for? Well, it's probably easier then you think! All of our sermons are available! Check them out here now, and subscribe to 'Sunday Sermons at All Saints' on your favorite Podcast app! Right on!
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