Congratulations to Hugh Bonner, PhD, on receiving CAAHEP's highest honor, the William W. Goding Award for Exceptional Service! Dr. Bonner served on the CAAHEP Board for two terms, served as President of the organization, and has volunteered on numerous Board Committees and sub-committees. He developed CAAHEP's Generalist Site Visitor program, along with Dr. Gregory Frazer, which allowed Committees on Accreditation to utilize subject-matter experts to focus on the content of the program during site visits, while the generalists focused on administrative items. In addition, Dr. Bonner served as a Board Liaison to the Accreditation Review Committee for the Anesthesiologist Assistant.

Dr. Bonner's dedication and service to CAAHEP over the years has advanced CAAHEP's missions and goals, and epitomizes the meaning of the of the William W. Goding Award for Exceptional Service.