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April 16, 2014

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David R. Brinkley

Maryland Chamber of Commerce Applauds Brinkley Floor Action  

Overrides Bad Hough Vote


Senator David Brinkley (R, Dist. 4) used his knowledge of the procedures of the Senate and his relationships among his colleagues to kill a bill strongly opposed by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Matthew Palmer, a legislative analyst for the State Chamber issued the following statement:

"Legislation that would authorize a person to file suit on behalf of the State for an alleged false claim and recover up to 25 percent of the proceeds was defeated on the floor of the Senate by Senator David Brinkley. The Maryland Chamber of Commerce opposes the legislation because the new standards in this bill for prosecuting alleged fraud are unfair to businesses and would put a chilling effect on businesses contracting with the State. An amended version of HB867 passed out of the Judicial Proceedings Committee on Friday, and the floor vote on the legislation was postponed by business community supporters.  Senator Brinkley moved to indefinitely special order HB867, which effectively killed the legislation for this legislative session.  The motion was supported by a majority of the floor and the bill was defeated for this legislative session."

This is the kind of proactive, conservative business focus Maryland's 4th District needs in Annapolis. Sen. Brinkley's opponent claims his conservative business position, but when it comes down to voting, Hough voted FOR this bill, in spite of opposition from businesses and business advocacy groups. Hough lined up behind trial lawyers when the votes were counted. Can we really trust anything he says?

Senator David Brinkley is a common-sense, pro-business conservative leader who fights for the interests of his constituents. His record demonstrates his commitment, unlike his opponent who hopes his advertising covers up a lousy voting record. 


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  • MD Chamber of Commerce Applauds Brinkley Floor Action: Overrides Bad Hough Vote

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Authority: Friends of David Brinkley, Charles E. Seymour, Treasurer