Important Alert: New Canadian Gun Ban Poses Risks for Exported American Shotguns

Based on strict reading of the new Canadian law (SOR/2020-96, Section 95) 12-gauge shotguns are banned because with the choke tube removed the muzzle diameter is 20mm or greater (depending on the model). The new law bans any firearm with a bore of 20mm or greater. According to Canadian law, the barrel  bore  is measured at the widest point through which the projectile travels, which is the muzzle on a 12-gauge shotgun. 10-gauge shotguns may also be included in the ban.
We would urge all companies to exercise caution when deciding whether to export any 12-gauge or 10-gauge shotguns to Canada at this time. It is possible that the Canadian Border Security Agency ( CBSA ) could impound and/or seize the shipment. If impounded, you will face thousands of dollars in fees per day based on the size of your shipment. There have been public statements by Canadian officials suggesting that 12-gauge shotguns are not banned. However, the law as written has not been changed to remove any legal ambiguity.
NSSF® is attempting to obtain legally-reliable assurances from the Canadian government as to whether 12-gauge or 10-gauge shotguns can be lawfully exported to Canada. We will continue to monitor this situation and keep members updated on further developments. 

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