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50+ Filmmakers Shoot Anthology Feature Film 
While In Covid19 Lockdown

Hollywood Exec Challenges Filmmakers To The Ultimate 
Creative & Technical Skills Test

LOS ANGELES, CA- (June 19, 2020) - In early April of 2020 and in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, 50+ filmmakers organized using their phones, text messaging and teleconferencing in 17 set locations, 13 cities and 2 countries to produce a feature film. The theme? The cardinal 7 sins and 7 virtues. All episodes were developed and filmed while in government-mandated isolation. The main rule? To use only existing production equipment: smart phone, pad, computer or security cameras. No hi-end film cameras were allowed. 

The 14 episodes Anthology titled Covid19... Sins & Virtues is the brainchild of entertainment executive Alex Mendoza. It is being produced by Mendoza and True Form Films: Yeniffer Behrens (The Way Back, Grey's Anatomy) and Mauricio Mendoza (Resurrection Blvd, Criminal Minds). Each episode is original. Filmmakers had the freedom to choose genre, story, style and runtime. The requisites: 1) It must have been filmed with assets at hand 2) The story must use COVID-19 forced isolation only as background 3) The episode must relate to the randomly assigned sin/virtue as the episode's central theme.

It took two days to get together 14 creative teams. No open call was ever issued. All episodes were written and developed in less than three weeks, with most episodes having finished principal photography as of May 15, 2020. 

The episodes were all filmed simultaneously by 17 different crews. Some episodes had more than one set location working together, all self-contained and self sufficient on assets and talent. All episodes are finishing principal photography or are now being edited. The lead producers will finish and assemble the Anthology with the help of an additional editor and a post-production team. Episodes runtimes vary from 3 -12 minutes. A music composer is available for all episodes. Three episodes are being scored as we speak.  

This Hollywood experiment was born out of creative boredom and the desire to "behave badly" while wondering what the end result would be. Faced with a tight schedule of only two months (as it was believed then) due to having set the challenge to finish principal photography while still in isolation, it was decided that creating an Anthology would be a way to shorten the production time of a feature length film. Not wanting COVID-19 to take center stage, a unifying theme was required to showcase the effects of isolation and uncertainty on human beings. All the good and the bad, all the Sins & Virtues.

The team behind Covid19... Sins & Virtues is a cross section of genders, races, nationalities, origins, film professions and experiences, all sharing a goal. From seasoned directors and producers to on-camera stars, all agreed to test the usual production stages required to produce a film. 
The Anthology resulted in an eclectic collection of psychological studies of human behavior under extreme circumstances, told with an equally eclectic collection of styles and approaches.

The Cooperative is open to alternative routes of exhibition and distribution and is already mulling about a sequel anthology film, COVID19... Sins & Virtues: The Second Wave, ...just in case.

** Filmmakers Available for Interviews **

About the producers: 

Alex Mendoza is a veteran film distribution executive having worked on the sales and distribution of libraries adding to more than 4,000 films and TV series in all rights, worldwide, including several blockbusters like Dirty Dancing, Princess Bride, Hamburger Hill, Young Guns, the Ace Ventura series, while working for companies like Vestron, Live Entertainment, Saban and Morgan Creek. 

Yeniffer Behrens is a multi-faceted award-winning Producer, SAG-AFTRA Actress, Writer, Director and CEO & Founder  of True Form Films Inc. with husband and co-founder Mauricio Mendoza and business partner DeWayne Cox producing and creating American-Latino stories that educate and deliver content with a message. Production credits include the feature film El Contratista(Amazon). Award-winning work they have produced includes the web series Encounters, the feature film After School, the documentary Create Option C: MJWC, shorts From Now On (directed by legendary actress Ivonne Coll) and Mi Amor; as well as the music video The Power of One and Come Get It, to name a few.  Acting credits include English and Spanish films including  The Way Back (Warner Bros.)  with Ben Affleck; The Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning series  Grey's Anatomy  (ABC) and Netflix's hit comedy series Grace and Frankie.   Numerous additional credits include commercials, national & international primetime and daytime shows and has produced independent films in Mexico and the United States.

Mauricio Mendoza is an award-winning Producer, Actor and Writer. He is a Partner and Co-Founder of True Form Films. In 2007, in an assertive move to change things in Hollywood and to create opportunities for himself he became the executive producer of the Imagen Award-winning web series Encounters. His production credits include films, music videos, shorts & web series including El Contratista (Amazon), After School, Fighting Chance, SinVergüenzas, The Shifting and Intolerance; music videos include The Power Of One and Recuperar starring his brother Andres Mendoza. Shorts include Mi Amor, It Can Only Be Used Once (directed by Michael DeLorenzo), From Now On directed by legendary actress Ivonne Coll (Jane the Virgin), Between the Lights, the award-winning short One directed by iconic actor Carlos Carrasco (Blood In Blood Out). Additional production titles include Him and Her, and The Real Faces of Dialysis
Acting credits include four groundbreaking Latino based TV shows including as a series regular in Angeles (Sony/Tri-Star/Telemundo)   Resurrection Blvd. ( Showtime) El Desconocido (CineLatino/Netflix)  and La Quinceañera (Stage 13/Warner Bros.),  TV series The Rookie , Adam Ruins Everything and Counterpunch. Films: America's Family, Alive! and Out of Place and over 50 theater credits.


Participants Include:

Jon Allen,  Sergio Arau,  Fidel Arizmendi,  Wendi Bazar-Besasie,  Yeniffer Behrens,  Adan Bernal,  Carlo Besasiem,  Caroline Brethenoux,  Camille Cortes,  Jason Coulter,  Mochi DaKat,  Hernan De Beky,  Kim DeVenne
Olivia DeVenne,  Alejandro Edda, J asmin Espada,  César Gamiño,  Frances Garcia,  Emmaluna Garcia,  Michael Garcia,  Hugo García,  Juan Gil,  Falco IlCaninus,  Marabina Jaimes,  Arthur Koutsoumbaris,  Susie Lohse,  Betty Lopez,  Alassandra Lopez,  Eddie Martinez,  Ashley Martinez,  Amy Martinez,
Alejandro Mendoza,  Mauricio Mendoza,  Julianna Mia Mendoza-Behrens,  Adrian Moreira-Behrens,  Miguel Paredes,  Laura Patalano,  Brittany Patalano,  Shanay Patalano,  Salim Sanchez,  Jesus Schettino,  Jessica Thomas-Martinez,  Chuti Tiu,  Alex Toedtli Mera,  Oscar Torre,  Savira Windyani,  Sofia Yepes.