November 29, 2011

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First Circle, a feature documentary about foster care, families and healing in the West coming soon to DVD

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Lincoln, Neb.: Native American Public Telecommunications, Inc. (NAPT) proudly announces the DVD release of First Circle, a documentary which premiered on Showtime about love, acceptance and healing in the foster care system from filmmakers Heather Rae (Cherokee), Russell Friedenberg and Randy Redroad (Cherokee).


Co-produced by Appaloosa Pictures and Priddy Brothers in association with Iron Circle Pictures and A Random Headdress, First Circle reaches into the lives of all who are affected by the foster care system--the parents, the children and the administrators who are seeking a positive change. For any parent, the thought of having a child taken away is a horrific notion. Yet, all across America, children whose families can no longer provide the proper support are being put into foster care. This film focuses on foster care stories in Idaho and Eastern Oregon and as the film points out, some individuals see geography as an important step to personal recovery.


This feature documentary is very near and dear to director/producer Heather Rae (Cherokee). Throughout the film, she brings to the screen her own story of a family affected by foster care due to drug and alcohol addiction. With her nephew having spent time in foster care, her brother in prison and her sister-in-law continuing to recover after drug rehabilitation, Rae looks at not just her own family, but at others whose children are similarly affected. The film delves into the lives of these families, some that are an example of a true, blended family that is working to survive financially, emotionally and spiritually.


The film does not bear witness to every aspect--good or bad--of the foster care system, but it does step-in and observe where the system stands with objectivity and compassion including the positive efforts of organizations such as The Bridge, a model that places foster care children in a home reminiscent of an orphanage to fulfill the void relative to the high demand of the foster care system. Bridge homes are run by either a single adult or couple to provide the feel of a family while fostering a professional relationship between birth and foster parents to meet and discuss the needs and preferences of the child.


With nearly one million children in foster care each year, administrators all over the country are working for change. One such individual is Ada County (Southern Idaho) deputy sheriff Jerrilea Archer who is featured in the film. Deputy Archer is responsible for single-handedly effecting policy change in the foster care system in regard to child protection. When neglect reports are filed, she is the officer to respond to the call to investigate. She works closely with Health and Welfare and Child Protective Services to remove children from homes that are unsafe.


First Circle director/producer Heather Rae (Cherokee) explains, "First Circle is a deeply touching story of adolescence, responsibility and the strength of a family's bond among the isolated western landscape that is responsible for both the manufacturing of and liberation from addiction."


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native american film festival



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