FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -  Pima County  Supervisors Miller and Christy withdrawal appointees from Community Law Enforcement Partnership Commission
Pima County Supervisors Ally Miller and Steve Christy announced on Tuesday their decision to end their participation in the Community Law Enforcement Commission. Both Supervisors initially opposed the Commission's formation and over time have come to the conclusion that it is not serving the community's best interest.
"We will be withdrawing any participation on this commission effective immediately," stated both Supervisors Miller and Christy.  "It is time to end the unfounded attacks on the law enforcement community."

For the last several months, the commission has attempted to function without a clear scope and purpose. As a result, it has been unable to serve the needs of the community while providing anti-law enforcement community activists a taxpayer-funded soapbox.

Supervisors Miller and Christy believe that the voices of the public are vital to their decision-making, but the Call to the Audience portion of every Board of Supervisors meeting provides an excellent opportunity for supervisors and the public to hear diverse opinions.

The Commission is not serving the Pima County Sheriff's Office. Quite the contrary; in fact, at the most recent Commission meeting, one commissioner opined that she regretted voting for a grant that provides basic equipment including ear protection because it could lead to officers "dropping bombs."

The hyperbolic nature of comments and accusations espoused by some members of the commission has turned what might have been an interesting opportunity for public discourse into a weapon to be used against our law enforcement community.  


February 19, 2019
9:00 a.m.

Administration Bldg - East 130 W. Congress Street 1st Floor Tucson, AZ 85701