Revision to Standard for
Integrated Vegetation Management

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved a major revision of ANSI A300 (Part 7)-2012 Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM).


The revision of A300 Part 7 addresses the parameters of performance for the creation and implementation of integrated vegetation management plans.  The A300 Part 7 standard now addresses the following items:

  • Communication
  • Site evaluations
  • Action thresholds;
  • Control method selection and evaluation
  • Selective management
  • Non-selective management
  • Mechanical control methods
  • Chemical control methods
  • Biological control methods
  • IVM implementation
  • Monitoring and quality assurance
  • IVM applications
  • Initial clearing of rights-of-way

There is also an updated IVM flow chart to help users of the standard understanding the IVM process.  ANSI A300 Part 7 IVM standards recognize the wire zone - border zone concept and there is an annex provided for information about the concept.


ANSI A300 standards are considered the final authority in civil courts and by most dispute arbitration systems. This A300 Part 7 standard takes precedence in the USA over previous tree care management standards and guidelines


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