Seren Morey
Hybrid Pulse
September 13 - October 13, 2013
 Opening reception: Friday, September 13th, 7-9pm

Vena Portae
Vena Portae
Ultralight, urethane, dispersions and thread on panel, 18"x16"x3", 2013

Janet Kurnatowski Gallery is pleased to commence it's 9th season with "Hybrid Pulse," a new body of work by Seren Morey. This will be her first solo exhibition with the gallery. The show runs from September 13th - October 13th. Please join the artist for an opening reception on Friday, September 13th from 7-9pm.


Morey's art works describe the world in terms of molecular interactions.  Rather than adopting a macroscopic model, Morey's artistic vanishing-point anticipates the interchangeability of somatic cellular structures.  Morey produces intimate objects that reference hybrid organisms, composed of aquatic invertebrates, fibrous root systems, and scarred flesh,  all hybridized  into pulsating reliefs of biological matter.  Using an eccentric array of materials to produce her work:  carved beeswax, glass beads, pigment dispersions, thread and Ultralight (a sculptural taffy like acrylic); Morey proposes the possibility, that the only thing stranger than fiction may be life itself.


Seren Morey currently lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She received her BA from Bard College in 1991. Upon graduating she became an assistant to Kiki Smith and in 1996 completed her MFA at Pratt Institute. Morey's work has been exhibited in numerous shows and reviewed by Barry Schwabsky and Helen A. Harrison of the New York Times. Seren Morey is also a partner in Guerra Paint and Pigment in NYC, a specialty resource store for artists. For more information or images please contact the gallery.


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