Tuesday night's violent attack on Asian Americans in Atlanta is nothing more than another putrid example of white supremacy and domestic terrorism. Nothing more and nothing less.
For Immediate Release: From the Desk of Our Executive Director


Our hearts go out to the victims of Tuesday night's incident of domestic terrorism that resulted in the tragic death of more than a few members of the Asian American Community. We acknowledge that this tragic incident was no other than one of domestic terrorism driven by nothing other than hate and white supremacy. 

If there's anything we can offer at this moment, it is our sympathy, empathy, and commitment to justice. We must become and remain vigilant members of our community and continue to speak out against injustices that impact ALL marginalized members of our communities. No one should fear their safety because of their cultural, racial, religious, or social backgrounds. 

We also want to acknowledge that the recent murders of eight Asian American workers in Atlanta are not an isolated incident. For months and even centuries, Asian Americans and recent immigrants from Asia have been subject to cruel practices and too often marginalized into their fishbowls of sorrow. 

Asian Americans hold very prevalent roles in our communities and must be treated as such. As an organization that works directly with youth, we promise to keep the conversation going around ALL forms of racial injustice and acceptance. We all have more intentional work to do to make our communities safer and more accepting. 

Yours in Service, 

Donovan Forrest
Executive Director