March 20, 2020

Dear Mercy Parent/Guardian,

This Monday, March 23, we will begin our Mercy E-LEARNING rollout for all students. Our teachers, counselors, AMES and tech team have shown incredible creativity, resilience, teamwork and dedication this week. They have created online academic and support strategies to ensure continuation of quality learning, and experiences to support the development of the whole young woman. We are committed to upholding the high standards of a Mercy education.

Detailed Mercy E-LEARNING  information can be found here . You can best support your daughter(s) learning efforts in the following ways:
  • Review the Mercy E-LEARNING schedule and policy with your daughter to be sure she understands daily expectations. Stress the importance of mandatory class participation and timely, quality submission of all work.
  • Help your daughter identify a work area free of distraction. 
  • Discuss how your daughter will organize her daily schedule and workload.
  • Remind  your daughter to frequently check her Schoology and Mercy email, and to keep her iPad fully charged for the start of each day.
  • Strategize problem resolution scenarios with your daughter. How might she react if she has tech issues, doesn't understand an activity, has difficulty staying focused, etc? How will she approach the urge for social digital distraction during class time?
  • Ask your daughter to share with you how she is transitioning to E-LEARNING. Discuss the work she is doing in her classes. Encourage her to reach out to her teachers and/or counselor as needed.
  • Urge frequent breaks, physical activity and "screen free" throughout the day.
  • Acknowledge the importance of socialization for teens. Encourage your daughter to use social media platforms to connect with her classmates and friends for support.
Since our daily schedule is reduced, we request that every attempt be made to schedule appointments outside of class hours . If your daughter is ill and/or unable to participate in any class, absences must be reported to the Mercy 24-hour Attendance Line at 248-476-2222 by 9 AM of our Mercy E-LEARNING Day. 

We understand there are personal complexities during this uncertain time. Should you have concerns with your daughter's access to technology or are in need of support with food accessibility during the school day, please contact Mrs. Patricia Sattler at

We are in a time that demands a great deal of resiliency. Rapid transition to a complete online learning model is impactful to all of us, and we are grateful for your support and partnership in helping our Mercy students successfully make this transition. Together we are Mercy Strong!

We continue to hold our Mercy students and families in our prayers.

Mercy Administration