Some of you know me from my association with The Children's Hunger Project. My associates and I have developed a fabulous learning opportunity for some children. Click here to go to our website and learn more about Aspiration Academy.  
What will Aspiration Academy do?
Aspiration Academy will mentor and support students from lower-income families that are already above grade level. A common myth is that students who are above grade level and /or gifted can make it on their own, and succeed without guidance.
Students who are above grade level and/or gifted do not succeed automatically if proper instruction and mentoring do not occur.
These students are at risk for underachievement during the educational years and on their jobs during their adult years. Students who are above grade level will not always succeed without helpThose from lower-income families face even great hurdles.
"I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book" 

J.K. Rowling Author - Harry Potter novels
Aspiration Academy will provide coaching and mentoring to students with above-average academic ability similar to that afforded to students with athletic ability.
Donate part of your time to help a local child enjoy a successful school experience. Success at school can secure a child's life. Participate in this remarkable after-school mentoring and coaching concept for some Brevard County elementary school children.
We need your help. Please share this mailer with those on your mailing list and social media, and with anyone you know who may be interested in participating.


Bob Barnes

PS: Click here to view Aspiration Academy's front page story in Florida Today