“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”
— Oprah Winfrey
The events in our country and city over the past several weeks and days have been forefront on the minds of the ChildSavers team. I am sure that topics of race, equity, inclusion, justice, law and order, police, poverty and opportunity are on your own family discussion boards. Many are asking what can I do [to change things and make them better]?

Last Friday, June 5, the ChildSavers team had our first of several discussions about race, culture and their impact on our work.  The conversations start our ‘to do’ list. They are consistent with our strategic initiative on cultural responsiveness. I invite you to have similar conversations with your families, neighbors, colleagues and friends. They are not easy, but they are essential.

We believe that our nation and our city can do better. More importantly, we believe that we can and shall do better in helping kids to be resilient by understanding the breadth of the social and emotional well-being of the individual, their family and the communities where they reside.

The need for our work is growing and expected to explode post COVID-19. ChildSavers needs to remain available to meet the current need and be prepared to address the demand that will come.

This work is not easy, but it is crucial. We are prepared to do it, but we need your help. We have an opportunity to change the course of history, and we will do this together. 

L. Robert Bolling
Chief Executive Officer, ChildSavers

Read Robert's full statement about the murder of George Floyd here .
Resources Just For You
  • Racism as Trauma: How to remain sensitive to the healing process for children of color (4-minute read).

  • We are currently accepting children for teletherapy or in-person therapy at our clinic. Contact us to learn more about our mental health services and the types of insurance we accept.

  • This story from Immediate Response therapist, LaDesha Batten, MSW, will warm your heart (2-minute video).

Free Training for Parents, Educators & Community Leaders
Building resilience in our children and students allows them to rise above difficulties life may bring - whether it's not making the team, losing a loved one, or facing a pandemic.

Our Brown Bag Lunch Series is for adults who want to help children develop the emotional and mental capacity to deal with stress by becoming more resilient. Join our therapists on Tuesdays (Parent sessions) and Thursdays (Educator sessions) until July 2. These webinars are completely free and you can hop in at any point in the series.

You can also register for our COVID-19 Community Conversations or Trauma & Resilience Basics, lead by ChildSavers Mental Health Director and Lead Trauma & Resilience Educator, John Richardson-Lauve, LCSW. Registration is free, but required.
This year, you have made the seemingly impossible, achievable; the uncertain moments, hopeful; and the small victories, milestones.

As we close the door on this fiscal year and step into the next twelve months, we are more than grateful to have you by our side. You are holding the door open for thousands of children across Virginia, who are receiving the mental health and early education they need to grow into resilient, healthy adults.

Thank you for bridging the gap and creating brand new opportunities for children in our community each day.
“Teletherapy has opened a lot of doors for families who couldn’t get our services before.

The kids are really comfortable with using Zoom and playing on there. You can draw together and write together. They get really creative. Some of them have really hit their stride because they’re comfortable.”

- Kristin Lennox, LCSW, ChildSavers Therapist and Immediate Response Supervisor
"As we continue to face a pandemic, the importance of quality child care, and recognizing child care providers as an essential service reached state and national platforms.

Child care professionals have demonstrated how to be resilient, during critical moments in the lives of the children and families they care for."

- Lisa Thompson, Child Development Services Program Manager
Donor Spotlight
Nika Atkins
Nika Atkins not only volunteers her time to ChildSavers, she also contributes monthly and participates in her company's matching gifts program. We are inspired by you, Nika, and thank you for the time, talent, and treasure you've given to support our clients.

"When I moved to Richmond in September 2019, I went exploring in my neighborhood and rode by this very unique building- ChildSavers. I immediately googled the name to see what it was. After reviewing their website, I felt an immediate connection and decided to submit a recurring donation.

Additionally, I contacted them to learn more about their mission which inspired me to become a regular volunteer. As a Capital One employee, my volunteer hours are converted into dollars so I chose ChildSavers to receive the 'Dollars for Doers' grant as well. It feels so good to know that I am contributing to something so great in many different ways." - Nika Atkins
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