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Jade Valerie - Empty Pages
Jade Valerie - Empty PagesHear it LIVE Sunday

Happy Memorial Weekend.
Please come and join us at THE HOTEL CAFE, this Sunday 5.15pm to hear some of the AMAZING artists that are part of our community. Celebrating their RISE and PLAYING for us connects us to our own JOY, our own support, our own love and our own adventure. Art to me is a spiritual path that nurtures FATIH, BELIEF and TRUST in the self, in the story, song, project you decide to CREATE. So if you want to PLUG IN to your own creativity surround yourself with CREATIVITY, CREATIVES and be INSPIRED. We have a couple of events coming up before the end of the month and would love to see you there. There is also an amazing Italian restaurant just opened near Hotel Cafe we will be descending on called Stella Barra Pizzeria.
Our Reiki Anthem will be performed for the first time live and released, #Just4today.
Anna Schulze at Pause in Joy Retreat 2014
Anna Schulze at Pause in Joy Retreat 2014
INDIGO is launching her new sound, Colette Falla, Anna is releasing her new song Animals for the release of Orca's from Sea World. And Beth is uplifting our souls with singing bowls and chants. Can you ask for anymore abundance for $10. Bring a crowd.

UNPLUG and PLUG IN to AMAZING VIBES, Patti, Kelsey and Christine.

SOUL GAZING & AURIC FIELD READING Wed, May 28th, 7.30-9.30pm
This evening will be an opportunity to shift your vision from the seen to the unseen. Unlocking the shift in perceptive it takes to see solid physical form to energetic subtle energies we miss. The illumination, the prana, the field of unification. If you keep telling yourself you can't see them you never will, so this evening is an opportunity to take a chance, to change your vantage point and see the unseen.

The second part of the class will be to practice the intensity of SOUL GAZING. The art of this practice is the ability to see and be seen without dropping out, distraction or the intense UNCOMFORTABILITY of being seen. You may ask what is the point of soul gazing, well if you cannot focus and concentrate you will have difficulty manifesting anything into the physical world, you may find it difficult to be seen and if you need to be seen in life for work or with a partner this is also helpful to drop the cloak and allow others to see you. It is useful to calm the central nervous system and learn to normalize the breath through soul gazing thus allowing the need to be invisible and protect yourself melt.

This profound art and BEINGNESS will unravel your sense of who and what you are, what you observe and the deep connection to your soul and inner projections. I look forward to sharing our vision and re-vision our wiring.

Space is limited.
The sweat lodge is a ritual used by Native American Indians and many other cultures dating back as far as 3000 BC TO Syria. This ceremonial sauna to purify the mind, body & soul combination. Our sweats are combined with O'Reiki energy to invoke a transformational shift that allows you to be your very best self this life. This ceremony combines all the elements of earth, air, fire and water to cleanse my mind, body and spirit. The Lodge symbolizes the womb of Grandmother Earth and the heated stones represent her body supporting life. The fire heats the rocks on the outside representing the perpetual light as the stones are brought into the lodge the water is poured upon them to create steam, which permeates the air, creating hot, humid atmosphere conductive of all the energies that are invited into the lodge.

As the ceremony is in the pitch black you are unable to distract yourself from yourself by wondering minds and distracting yourself people watching (yes you have to sit in your own stuff). There are four main rounds, round one our Dance Chief calls the sacred energies and our ancestors to sweat with us as we then led prayers.The second round is an offering of prayers for others within the world, our family, our friends, our children or our pets. The third round is known as our give away round whereby we release all our "stuff" that limits, impedes, holds us back; this is done in unison as we do not need to listen to each others "stuff". Our final round thanks all the 22 energies we have invoked to assist us in our healing by recognizing we are those energies and honoring them within ourselves. This intense sense EXPERIENCE will have the intent of release and transformation as my guide will be navigating you passed the self preservation into abundant thinking, smallness caste off, insecurities dissolved, resistant predictablility to your pain and lack taken away and dumped in the pit.
Please RSVP as space is limited and I do not know when I will be performing this event again as my predictability is not guaranteed anymore.


We are honored to be offering a free clinic to those Veterans who have served us with Reiki, EFT and talk on Meditation. An afternoon to honor and serve those who have served our country and collectively, consciously use Emotional Freedom Technique to release tensions, pains, anxieties, PTSD holding them back from leading normal lives. 
This afternoon workshop will be a window of sharing to bring about modalities such as reiki, EFT and meditation to bring each participant one step closer to beginning the journey of serving their INNER-WARRIOR and connecting to the true, deep and unique privilege of creating and healing oneself.
For all students wishing to participate please put it in you calendar and email us  for us to know  numbers, thank you. 
What is EFT?
What is EFT?

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