Summer 2018 Newsletter
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Get rid of employee paper time cards and eliminate costly calculation errors

Attendance on Demand (AOD) is an automated, hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides easy tracking, scheduling, and updating of employee time and labor via any PC connected to the web, including remotely via smartphone or tablet. The flexibility in software and ease it delivers to payroll/HR and department heads is a game changer. The AOD platform features user-friendly dashboards customizable by your business and HR/Payroll staff. Employee time and management adjustments are captured instantly via dynamic time cards.

Managers can easily drill down within summary sheets to view pay hours and employee exceptions. The scheduling function features easy editing and schedules that run automatically. Attendance On Demand offers extensive data filtering, ease of online reporting, yet includes extensive pay rules for implementation of, and compliance with, complex policies. AOD integrates and shares information with over 50 standard payroll and HR packages. Finally, intuitive Learning Centers make the platform easy to understand and grasp on the go. Just what busy executives like you need to stay on top of your Time & Attendance in real time and from anywhere.

Payroll is likely one of the top three costs in running your business. If you’re still doing payroll hour calculations manually using a timeclock and timecards, there IS a better way and the return on investment (ROI) with automation can be within one to three years!

Watch a short video to see how it works.   

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The Water Cooler

i2 Security welcomes
Jay Carnevale

Jay Carnevale has joined our company and will work on the security systems side of our business. Jay brings over 15 years experience in the industry, starting out as a technician before moving into project management.

Welcome Jay!
IMC Reserve at Maybrook

IMC built over 250 apartments on a 28 acre site in Wynnewood, PA. i2 Security Solutions installed perimeter barrier gates at 3 of the entrances to the community. Tres long range Radio Frequency ID readers were installed and residents were given windshield tags to allow for fast throughput into the community. We also installed siren sensors for emergency vehicles to gain access and safety devices were used to protect people and property.

Let us tune-up your video camera system and you’ll see things clearly again! 

We can help you get more out of your surveillance and recording capabilities. Call us for an an assessment (and if needed, a tune-up), especially if your system has been in place a few years. Our standard video system maintenance checklist includes:

  • Visual inspection of all video components including cabling and connections
  • Clean cameras, lenses and housings
  • Check lenses for correct field of view and adjust (as needed)
  • Verify proper recording and playback quality
  • Review applicable analytic settings like motion detection
  • Test remote signaling equipment
  • Provide a copy of repair log information

We can also assist in situations where you have old analog cameras, lack proper storage, or have to view video in the closet where the recording device is kept!

Simple technology enhancements or upgrades include:

      If your system uses older analog cameras, it is likely picture quality could stand improvement. We can add video encoders so you can convert analog signals to digital images, resulting in higher quality, accessibility on your network and mobile devices.

     Critical areas of your property deserve better imaging and viewing. i2 Security Solutions can add IP cameras that are HD and high megapixel so you capture much more detail in a wider viewing area.

         Recording capability is the other area where you can dramatically enhance your system and get better event video. We can replace your DVRs with either Network Video Recorders (NVRs) or Video Management Software (VMS). Most NVR recorders are hybrids and can take the inputs of analog and IP cameras.
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The face of recognition
StoneLock technology uses near-infrared wavelengths that are safe, invisible to the eye, and allow for reflectivity measurement of features below the skin in order to generate unique biometric metadata for each user.

See how Stonelock Facial Reader works!
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